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8555 Nuhvok Va
Nuhvok Va Set.PNG
Small Set
Set number 8555
Subtheme Bohrok Va
Release date Early 2002
Pieces 26
MSRP $2.99 (US)
Ages 7+
8555 Instructions

Set 8555 Nuhvok Va is a small set released in early 2002, portraying Nuhvok Va.

Product Description

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Servants of the Bohrok!
The Nuhvok Va are excellent diggers, and can tunnel to anywhere on Mata Nui!

Set Information

The Nuhvok Va set was released in winter 2002 as one of the six Bohrok Va sets. The set consists of twenty-six pieces.

By combining pieces from Nuhvok Va with 8551 Kohrak Va, one can build the Mata Nui Fishing Bird model. Additionally, Nuhvok Va can be combined with 8554 Tahnok Va and 8553 Pahrak Va to create a Bohrok Va Kaita.

Nuhvok Va was later re-released in Japan as 1432 Nuhvok Va in a promotion by the Kabaya Foods Corporation in 2003, additionally including a small bag of candy. The Kabaya version of Nuhvok Va was also advertised as combining with 1431 Tahnok Va, 1433 Gahlok Va, and 1434 Lehvak Va to create one of three possible combiners. Only one of these combiners has instructions provided.


By pushing down on the left arm, the Krana on its back will fling forward.


A black rubber Krana, randomly chosen from one of the eight types, was included in the set.


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