Staff of Light

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Staff of Light
Users Takanuva
Function Channeling his Light powers
Playing kolhii
Melee combat
Status Confiscated

The Staff of Light, also known as the Kolhii Staff of Light,[1][2] was the first Toa Tool carried by Takanuva, the Toa of Light.


The Staff of Light was originally Jaller's kolhii stick. When Jaller died in conflict with the Rahkshi, Takua took the kolhii stick in his hand, and it transformed into the Staff of Light when he became a Toa. While in Takanuva's possession, it was used to channel his Light powers, as well as to play kolhii.[3] It could also function as a melee weapon.

His Staff of Light was taken from him by Axonn in the Kingdom Alternate Universe, and was later replaced with a Power Lance.[4]

Example Usage

Takanuva using the staff during his fight with Teridax

Takanuva used the Staff of Light in a kolhii match played with Makuta Teridax.

Set Information

The Staff of Light was released in 2003 with 8596 Takanuva, consisting of three of the set's 200 pieces.


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