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Type Media
Years released 2001-2007

Over the years, The LEGO Group released a number of BIONICLE CDs. These discs were frequently packaged with the sets and contained character information.


The first promotional CDs were included in the sets of the Toa Mata to introduce fans to the world, characters, and plot of the story. The disc primarily contained lore information, and its content largely overlapped with that of the disc packaged that year with Nestlé cereal products. The Power Pack was a CD packaged with a Hafu set, with the CD containing music tracks, animations, and other content. The Interactive Demo CD also contained a number of game, animations, and an image gallery.

The next several waves of sets continued the trend started with the Toa Mata, seeing CDs packaged with the Bohrok, Toa Nuva, Bohrok-Kal, and Rahkshi sets. These too contained galleries, advertisements, animations, games, models of the characters, and story content. Moreover, the Mask of Light Promo CD was released in Windsor, England to promote the first BIONICLE movie.

2004 saw unique CD packaged with each Toa Metru. Detailing each Toa's hunt for the Matoran with knowledge of the Great Disks in Metru Nui, the game had players overcome minigames to help the Toa in their quest. These six stories were adapted by Greg Farshtey for the novel BIONICLE Adventures 1: Mystery of Metru Nui.

The next waves to see CDs included were the Toa Inika and Barraki waves of 2006 and 2007 which contained similar contents as prior CDs. These were the last promotional CDs to be released.

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