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The BIONICLEsector01 Podcast is a Wiki Staff audio-show, and the top-rated BIONICLE podcast!

All the episodes are available for download on iTunes, as well as direct links on this page, so all you'll have to do is download the episode you want and click the play button. Leave it playing and go about your work on the Wiki, surf the net, clean your room, or blare it for your whole household to hear. Just don't tell your family that we encourage that kind of behavior.

You don't have to be a member of BS01 or anywhere else to enjoy the show, you just need to be a BIONICLE fan.



SPIRIT (Host) | Swert | Dorek | KZN02 | Cholie


Triggy | Bioran23 | Electric Turahk | Bionicleman (Former Host) | Kayru | Varaka | Shadow Kurahk | Grant-Sud | Kraahlix (Podcast Founder)


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Date Episode Download Comment Description Misc.
8 August 2016 Episode #09: The End of Bionicle! (Spoilers) Download MP3 Comment SPIRIT, Chols, Dorek, and Swert discuss the final two episodes of Journey to One, the end of Bionicle, and the future of BS01
8 July 2016 Episode #08: Fish and Wildlife Podcast Download MP3 Comment SPIRIT, Chols, Dorek, KZN02, and Swert discuss posts from the BS01 Facebook page
9 June 2016 Episode #07: Weaponized Toast Download MP3 Comment SPIRIT, Swert, and KZN02 answer some fan questions.
30 April 2016 Episode #06: Interview with Geoff Hughes Download MP3 Comment The final interview of our series. SPIRIT interviews Geoff Hughes, the voice of Lewa in Bionicle: The Journey to One.
17 April 2016 Episode #05: Interview with William Jordan Download MP3 Comment SPIRIT interviews Willliam Jordan, the voice of Onua, Ekimu, Makuta, and Narmoto.
10 April 2016 Episode #04: Interview with Michael Strickland Download MP3 Comment SPIRIT interviews Michael Strickland, the voice of Umarak.
3 April 2016 Episode #03: Interview with Volta Download MP3 Comment SPIRIT interviews Nicolas Robitaille and Geneviève Savard of Volta, the animation studio that brought you The Journey to One
26 March 2016 Episode #02: Interview with Paolo Bryant Download MP3 Comment In this episode, SPIRIT interviews Paolo Bryant, the voice of Pohatu in Bionicle: The Journey to One.
8 March 2016 Episode #01: Journey to One Review (With Contest Giveaway Details!) Download MP3 Comment Hey everybody, the BS01 Podcast is back in action!

In this episode, SPIRIT, Dorek, and Swert discuss the newly-released episodes of Journey to One. We also reveal details on how you could get a chance to win the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters set (with a value of $350 USD)!

17 September 2015 The LEGO Movie DVD Commentary Download MP3 Comment Join us for the last DVD commentary for this two-second BIONICLE film, and likely Bionicleman’s last episode (as editor). As sad as that might sound, don’t feel bad, this commentary is awesome! If this is your first commentary, just go ahead and play the episode, and we will explain how to sync it up with your copy of the LEGO movie.
10 September 2014 The Legend Reborn DVD Commentary Download MP3 Comment We're finally back with the last BIONICLE film commentary! Join us in watching The Legend Reborn to hear our thoughts about the film that tried (and failed) to reboot the BIONICLE franchise. As always, play the episode and wait for instructions on syncing the commentary with the film.

But wait, there just might be one more film commentary. What movie could that be? Listen in to find out, as well as to hear an announcement on the podcast's future.

24 September 2013 Q&A Session 10 Download MP3 Comment In a glorious return, we answer your questions for the first time in a long while. Ever wondered what gang we would form in the Matoran Universe? Who our favorite comic artist is? What Takanuva’s destiny is? Listen in to hear us attempt to answer these questions.
30 August 2013 MakutaFest 2013 Download MP3 Comment Join us for the third edition of MakutaFest, a live podcast between the BS01 Podcast and the Three Virtues Podcast. Originally broadcast August 7th, this is full of fun BIONICLE and fandom discussion. Plus, it’s the longest MakutaFest yet, thanks to a lengthy call-in session. And who thought the fandom was dead?
4 March 2013 Web of Shadows DVD Commentary Download MP3 Comment The original BIONICLE film trilogy is complete! Listen in as we untangle the webs surrounding the ”Great Rescue” story line and have a lot of fun critiquing the film and its similarities to another movie that came out in 2005. As always, play the episode and wait for instructions on syncing the commentary with the film.
21 December 2012 #29: The Haupocalypse Download MP3 Comment As the world (supposedly) comes to an end, why not celebrate your last moments with the BS01 podcast? We catch up on all the FaberFiles, review Comic 29, discuss an (un)dead character, review all the new Greg info, and uncover a hidden horror within the BIONICLE universe.
28 September 2012 #28: The Revelation Download MP3 Comment The time has come. The shadows of secrecy have been cleared around a mystery from BIONICLE's beginning. One question has been answered, yet we now have hundreds more. Join us as we discuss our exclusive revelation from Greg Farshtey, as well as the recently revealed identity of the Great Being. Also, we discuss Comic 0, so that's cool. BS01 Podcast 28.png Cover-Art
13 August 2012 MakutaFest 2012 Download MP3 Comment For the third time, we proudly present MakutaFest, an annual joint event between the BS01 Podcast and the Three Virtues that features BIONICLE trivia questions, audience participation, and discussion on BIONICLE and the state of its fandom.
28 July 2012 Legends of Metru Nui DVD Commentary Download MP3 Comment Once again we comment on a BIONICLE film, this time 2004′s Legends of Metru Nui. We reveal info on some of the voice actors of the film, attempt to solve logical inconsistencies, and in general have a good time talking about the film. Just play this episode and wait for our instructions on how to sync our podcast with your copy of the movie. BS01 Podcast Movie.png Cover-Art
6 June 2012 #27: 4 O' Clock Lunch Download MP3 Comment In this episode, we discuss BS01's April Fools prank, wrap up the Hordika saga with comic #27, review the history of the ever-lovable Hafu Taipu, and discuss Christian Faber's new blog Faber Files! Meanwhile, Cholie is simultaneously hosting a podcast and away eating lunch. Where is your cat now, Schrodinger!?
23 April 2012 Mask of Light DVD Commentary Download MP3 Comment Join us for our first live commentary on a BIONICLE film! All you have to do is play your own copy of Mask of Light while listening to the show, and we will comment and critique on the movie while you watch. It’s like we’re watching it with you! This show also marks the return of Kayru, who has a very special announcement! BS01 Podcast Movie.png Cover-Art
7 March 2012 #26: The Coder’s a Coder Download MP3 Comment Listen in as we discuss BS01's attendance at Toy Fair 2012, as well as other great BIONICLE discussion on Comic 26, the winners of ATYU II, and a character some would call "beautiful." Not sure if I'm one of them...
6 February 2012 Q&A Session 9 Download MP3 Comment Once again, you ask us questions, we give you answers. Listen to learn who we think the Great Being is, what Kanohi we would use, what Rahi we'd like as a pet, and many other answers to your burning questions. Also, you can learn just how you can be a hero to BS01.
24 December 2011 #25: The BS01 Podcast Holiday Special Download MP3 Comment Deck the halls with the BS01 Podcast as we celebrate the holidays, BIONICLE-style. We have a few gifts for the listeners, including the return of guest hosts with the appearance of MatoroIgnika, a discussion on the one good comic of 2005 (according to Cholie), and the singing talents of a popular BIONICLE character. BS01 Podcast christmas.png Cover-Art
7 November 2011 Q&A Session 8 Download MP3 Comment It’s time for another Q&A session, including questions about the size of the Mata Nui robot, Vezon, Vahki, what you would do in the BIONICLE universe for an hour, and how Krana-Kal can talk. (hint: it’s a Kal thing).
October 7, 2011 #24: Tren Kart 64 Download MP3 Comment Join us for another hilarious yet informative look at BIONICLE, featuring new audio transitions between segments! We discuss the comic Shadow Play, death in BIONICLE, Tren Krom, The Dweller Report (with an appearance by SPIRIT), Mario Kart, the Dark Hunters, and…wait a minute? How did Mario Kart get in there? BS01 Podcast 24.png Cover-Art
23 August 2011 #23: The MLP Podcast Download MP3 Comment Don’t worry, despite the title there’s still plenty of BIONICLE discussion in this new episode with a new host. Though some of his co-hosts continually try to hijack the podcast with discussions about non-BIONICLE topics (Star Wars, Zelda, Mario, MLP, …vocabulary), he holds his ground, which results in a podcast worth listening to. BS01 Podcast 23.png Cover-Art
3 August 2011 MakutaFest 2011 Download MP3 Comment Last year, we had a great time podcasting live with hosts from the BS01 Podcast and The Three Virtues. We had great audience participation, cool giveaways, and an overload of awesome. This year… we did all that, times ten million. No joke, check it out!
24 July 2011 Q&A Session 7 Download MP3 Comment There is something about this episode that is unlike any ever before it. Am I going to tell you what that is? Hahaha, no. You will find out soon after downloading it.
14 July 2011 #22: Destiny Calls Download MP3 Comment Guest-Star Ignacis joins us as we discuss the conclusion of Sahmad’s Tale, MakutaFest, the 22nd BIONICLE comic, Scott McN– I mean– Onua, and a “new” story called Retribution. Also included are some of the most painful bloopers ever!
19 June 2011 Q&A Session 6 Download MP3 Comment What do you get when you use a ball of yarn in your MoC? You get a question and answer session with the BS01 staff. Obviously.
19 June 2011 #21: Download MP3 Comment A new BIONICLE Web site?! No way… Yes way! Comic 21 may just be the most filler comic ever, but it’s got a good title. And we get to see Vakama as a fortune cookie. Our Topical Discussion is on the newest addition to the canon, and by popular demand we spotlight a character who lives the life, man. Enjoy the show.
16 May 2011 #20: Headbutt of Justice Download MP3 Comment We’ve got you covered on ALL the recent BIONICLE news, comic 20 (which Kraahlix is actually in), plus we get pretty reminiscent talking about Kopaka. Later on KZ tries to offend some more listeners, and we have our final movie segment featuring TLR this time. Listen in and celebrate 20 strong episodes!
16 April 2011 Q&A Session 5 Download MP3 Comment Kayru is back! We’re here to answer all your burning questions, so give it a listen and instantly become more intelligent for free.
11 April 2011 #19: Amnesia Much? Download MP3 Comment We cover BIONICLE’s presence at Lego Land currently, the new Powers That Be chapter, BS01′s expansion to HEROsector01, comic 19, Takanuva, and we finally get around to… mentioning… Hero Factory. What has the BS01 Podcast come to?
18 March 2011 #18: Arf to You Too Download MP3 Comment Time flies when you’re having fun! If you like long podcasts with lots of BS01 staff talking about all aspects of BIONICLE, then we just made your dreams come true. You’re welcome.
27 February 2011 #17: J is a Nice Number Download MP3 Comment Descriptions cannot convey how fun and awesome this episode is, so I won’t even try… very much. There’s comic 17, a very interesting topical discussion, a brand new segment, a ton of staff, and more jokes than you can shake a stick at. Ep17.jpg Cover-Art
23 February 2011 Q&A Session 4 Download MP3 Comment You have questions, SPIRIT has answers… I mean, SPIRIT and Kraahlix have answers. Yeah – that’s it.
15 February 2011 #16: Villainous Redheads Download MP3 Comment Jedi master Snoopy joins us for a great podcast! We talk about current BIONICLE contests, the first Toa Metru comic, what a Morbuzahk set would look like, if the Stars were a good last release for BIONICLE, TYQ chapter 3, and enjoy ourselves along the way. Thanks for listening!
10 February 2011 Funny Moments 2010 Download MP3 Comment A quick collection of funny moments, taken from the first year of the BS01 Podcast. It’s fun to look back on the good times we had!
28 January 2011 #15: Key to Nongu Download MP3 Comment The crew is back, and this time we are joined by yet another new host! Listen for our discussion on comic 15, 2009 sets, the Web of Shadows movie, and much more.
19 January 2011 #14: White Hairs Download MP3 Comment We start off the new year small, with a cast of two! Join Kraahlix and KZN02 for discussions on transcriptions, Sahmad’s Tale, speculation about the Skakdi Fusion, a potential Skype meet-up, 2008 sets, and finally – a Topical Discussion on MNOG!
12 January 2011 Q&A Session 3 Download MP3 Comment You know the drill. Send in your BIONICLE/BS01 related questions, and the staff will answer them on the podcast!
December 26, 2010 #13: Anniversarycast Download MP3 Comment KH joins the BS01 staff on our first anniversary show! Check out this episode for most of our usual segments, a discussion on the best memories from 2010, and we ended up with enough time to answer a few questions. Thanks for making the last year so amazing, listeners!
25 November 2010 #12: Mantax + Football Download MP3 Comment A new staff podcaster and a guest help make this awesome episode awesomer! We talk about LoMN, Pridak’s (bloody?) face, and a whole lot more.
27 October 2010 Interview 5: Steve W. Download MP3 Comment No, not Swert — Kayru and Kraahlix were fortunate enough to interview Steve Witt, a LEGO employee, at BrickCon 2010. This guy really has the inside scoop, and we were able to spend a few minutes of his valuable time talking about what his job is like, personal advice to fans, and… well, about a beet-boxing redhead. It’s a long story.
20 October 2010 Interview 4: Dan P. Download MP3 Comment Dan Parker, a LEGO affiliate (and our boss’ boss) sits down with Kayru and Kraahlix for an interview at BrickCon 2010. What is it like to work with LEGO assets professionally? Dan is kind enough to take a bit of time and shed some light on the subject, among other things. Enjoy!
13 October 2010 #11: It’s A Kal Thing Download MP3 Comment Hooooo boy! The Yesterday Quest controversy, Brickcon, Swert’s 21st Birthday (again), member suggestions, comic 11, and Kraah’s bus trip! Enjoy! KalThingT.jpg Cover-Art
5 October 2010 ToC’s Top 25 Things About BIONICLE Download MP3 Comment Toa of Cheese guest stars in this compilation of the top 25 things about BIONICLE from his perspective, a tribute to the end of BIONICLE.
13 September 2010 Episode 10: Mildly Psychotic Download MP3 Comment Guest MatoroIgnika joins us as we discuss Dorekraah, the results of the Nikila contest and how masks know what color to turn. We fail at Math at Midnight, talk about some 2006 sets, a little-known fact about the Rahkshi, and our Topical Discussion is The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet.
2 September 2010 MakutaFest 2010 Download MP3 Comment MakutaFest is an annual joint-podcast with the BS01 Podcast and The Three Virtues! 2010 was our premier year, and you can download the recording of the live show! There’s still plenty of podcast goodness to enjoy, even if you weren’t there for the live event. See you next year!
23 August 2010 Episode 9: Nostalgia Download MP3 Comment We are finally back with a regular episode! We get all caught up, covering topics such as staff meetings IRL, MakutaFest, GN8, and much more! Listen in for some good ol’ nostalgia!
18 August 2010 City Blocks/Interview 3: Chad C. Download MP4 (video) Comment This is a big episode, everyone! Not only is it another great interview, it’s a video! Kayru, Swert and Kraahlix travel to City Blocks in the largest BS01 Staff meeting yet! Check out the video to see what we did and join in the fun… that’s right – join in the fun!
8 August 2010 Q&A Session 2 Download MP3 Comment Grant-Sud and Kraahlix hop on to knock out every question that built up while we were away!
29 May 2010 Interview 2: Greg F. Download MP3 Comment The BS01 Podcast recently recorded an interview with Greg Farshtey, the author of the BIONICLE books, comics, and author of the LEGO magazine. Image
14 May 2010 Episode 8: Musix Download MP3 Comment Another newb staffy joins the ranks, and we record a longer episode, much to Kraah's schedule's dismay. You're in for a real treat with the show.
3 May 2010 Q&A Session 1 Download MP3 Comment
13 April 2010 Episode 7: [Insert Complaint] Download MP3 Comment Are the Battle Videos stop-motion? Why does Greg prefer "Kra" as a prefix for the element of Shadow? We compare the Bohrok-Kal and the Rahkshi as sets.

We type in the background and briefly forget not to breath in the mic! Also, our series of features on the Mask of Light film concludes.

Also, please click here to read an extensive comment written by CHTrilogy regarding the Mask of Light. We appreciate that he took the time to write it!
23 March 2010 Episode 6: Just a Mask Wound Download MP3 Comment In this episode we talk about the news, OGD revelations, another comic in our series of comic discussions, Mask of Light and answer a bunch of great listener-questions. Listen after the show ends for a surprise segment and some cool bloopers.
26 February 2010 Interview 1: Kelly M. Download MP3 Comment
26 February 2010 Episode 5: Mata Binky Saga Download MP3 Comment Special Edition episodes of the BS01 Podcast are not transcripted. And let me tell you, this is one special edition. Which means no transcript! ;D Download away, and enjoy the show. It is certainly the best one yet.
15 February 2010 Episode 4: Invincible Podcast Download MP3 Comment
30 January 2010 Episode 3: Super Bloopers Download MP3 Comment
11 January 2010 Episode 2: FREE Water Download MP3 Comment
26 December 2009 Episode 1: Four Staffies, One Destiny Download MP3 Comment

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