Aqua Warblade

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Aqua Warblade
Manufacturer Kanohi Ignika
Users Hewkii
Function Channeling his Stone powers
Melee combat
Status In use

The Aqua Warblade in the comics

The Aqua Warblade, also known as the Aqua War Blade, or the War Blade,[1] is Toa Mahri Hewkii's Toa Tool. The Aqua Warblade is the Laser Axe transformed by the Kanohi Ignika. It is said to be one of the finest swords ever made, designed to be used only by a master warrior.[2] It can be used as a melee weapon, as well as a means for Hewkii to channel his Elemental Stone powers. He can also use his Electrified Chains to charge the Warblade with Lightning.[3]

Example Usage

In Downfall, Hewkii thrust his Aqua Warblade into an enlarged Gadunka's mouth to prevent the Rahi from biting.

Set Information

The Aqua Warblade was first released in the Toa Mahri Hewkii set in summer 2007. It was composed of a blade, a joiner, and a long axle.


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