BIONICLE: Toa Nuva Reconstruct

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BIONICLE: Toa Nuva Reconstruct is non-canon.
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BIONICLE: Toa Nuva Reconstruct
Card Game
Year released December 21st, 2002[1]
Developer Upperdeck

BIONICLE: Toa Nuva Reconstruct is a BIONICLE card game released in 2002.


The game focuses on a non-canon story following the creation of the Toa Nuva and their return from within the Bohrok Nests.

As the Toa Nuva emerge from underground, the sky fills with darkness and the laughter of Makuta. A storm erupts, with intense winds, flashing lightning, and a plethora of small wind funnels scattered across Mata Nui. The wind funnels bring destruction to various parts of the island before joining together into six enormous tornadoes that target the Toa Nuva.

The Toa Nuva are torn apart one by one by the twisters, and their parts are scattered throughout the island. The player is tasked with the reconstruction of the Toa Nuva so they might defend the island from Makuta once more.


There were three decks in total, each one featuring two Toa Nuva.

Deck Contents

Each deck contained the following contents:

  • Fourteen Toa Nuva part cards (seven for each Toa Nuva)
  • Thirty-six Game Action cards.
  • Two game mats (with instructions for play printed on back)

How to Play


Setup requires that the each Toa Nuva's part cards be collected in a stack of seven and stacked on the game mat. The thirty-six Game Action cards are shuffled and placed in the center of the game mat, from whence both players will draw them. Each player draws three Game Action cards from this pile, and play commences.

On each player's turn they are required to first draw a Game Action card from the draw pile. They are then able to play one Game Action card, either allowing them to move a part card from their own pile to their assembly area of the mat or forcing the opponent to move a part card from their own assembly area back to their pile of part cards. In an advanced version of play detailed in the game's rules, the player may alternatively use their turn to exchange a Game Action card from their hand for one of the same border color.

One Game Action card, the stop card, has a special use—it is played during the opponent's turn if they choose to play a penalty card on the player holding the stop card. This cancels the effect of the opponent's penalty card and ends their turn.

The game ends when one player has successfully moved all of their Toa Nuva part cards to the assembly area from their pile. That player is then considered the winner.

With Toa Nuva sets

The game also allows for a special version of play that uses the Toa Nuva sets corresponding to the Toa Nuva featured in the pack. In this version of play, the Toa Nuva set is taken apart into eight sections: the seven featured on the part cards and the torso, which is placed in the center of the mat on the player's side of the draw pile. Each remaining section is moved to its part card's designated location in the assembly area. When a player moves a part card to the assembly area, the part corresponding to it is attached to the torso, which remains in its space in front of the player. Likewise, when a part card is moved from the assembly area back to the pile, that part of the set must be removed from the Toa Nuva torso and placed back in the assembly area. In spite of these changes, gameplay proceeds in an identical fashion with or without the Toa Nuva sets.