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8992 Cendox V1
Large Set
Set number 8992
Subtheme Vehicles
Release date 2009
Pieces 151
MSRP $19.99 (US)
14.99 (UK)
34.99 (AUS)
Ages 8+

Set 8992 Cendox V1 is a large boxed set released in 2009, portraying the Cendox V1 and its pilot Crotesius, an Agori from the Fire Tribe.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
Racer in the sand!
Built to tear across the sand and into battle, the Cendox V1 has rear tracks, front blades, and powerful boosters to handle the dunes. An Arena winner, the Cendox V1 is armed with a spiked Thornax launcher and piloted by Crotesius of the fire tribe. Includes vehicle, figure and 1 Life Counter.

*Includes Crostesius figure and vehicle!
*Features rear tracks, front blades and powerful boosters!
*Cendox VI measures 12" (30 cm) long and 4" (10 cm) tall!

Set Information

The set contains 151 pieces.


The set features a Thornax Launcher.


The set includes a red helmet for Crotesius.