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User Status I'll try to be on daily, but since school has started I might not be on alot.
BZPower Username Tallu
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Location America
Gender Male
Favorite Set 8920,Barraki Ehlek (Unique design and awesome colour schemes.)

Hi, I'm mainly here because I want to make edits. Also, Tallu is a BIONICLE name I made up and gave to a MOC toa that represents me as a bionicle, so I'm using it here.

My History In BIONICLE

Ok, so one day I'm watching television with my twin brother (won't say his name for privacy) back in 2003. Then we see a commercial for the Rahkshi. They looked awesome! Later we discovered that bionicles were made by LEGO, encouraging us even more to buy them. So my mom took us to a store. I bought Lerahk and my brother bought Turahk. So we took them off and opened them up. (The canisters tops were stuck on so when we did get open they, the peices flew across the room.) So I became a bionicle fan, and by 2006, I knew alot about the theme.

My History In Biosector01

It was fourth or fith grade and I was introduced to using Wikipedia to find information. Wikipedia was amazing! I'd search anything in the world and get an article containing information on it! So one day, I had a grand idea. Search BIONICLE. Of coarse, I got few pages about it. (Now that I think about it, Wikipedia has pages about EVERYTHING.)But then one day I noticed a a link at the bottom of one of the pages. "We have a wiki on this subject, Biosector01." So I clicked it and here I am, but I didn't bother to create an account at that time. But one day, I was sick of not being able to edit and account creation was disabled. But recently account creation was enabled and I was able to create an account.

Bionicle Sets I Own

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