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User Bio

Hello, everyone. I’ve been around more or less since 2006, although I haven’t always been an active editor. With the relaunch, I've been coming out of lurking, so I figure I'd update my userpage.

User History

I’m one of those old-school fans who has been around since the beginning. I saw the advertisement on the back of the LEGO magazine of Tahu surfing on lava, and I was hooked. (Yeah, you know what ad I’m talking about. The one with the little picture of Vakama attached to the bottom?) I was especially enthralled with the Kanohi Masks, and I’ve always been a huge fan of any franchise that involves the classical Elements. So, BIONICLE was pretty much two amazing things done with LEGOs! However, during 2005, I fell away from the franchise. I had been introduced to the Star Wars Expanded Universe and the Wheel of Time series, and they drew a lot of my fan energy.

But then, in summer 2006, I found some free time and decided to catch up on BIONICLE. That’s when I found BS01 and BZPower, and I must confess, I was pretty pumped. I had always made up my own BIONICLE stories, and I started to write them and post them on BZP. (I would strongly recommend leaving them be. Although I still think that the ideas I had were pretty good, the execution was terrible.) I got pretty involved in BS01, too, back when there were still holes that editors could work on to fill. I lost all my contribs in the downtimes that plagued BS01, so I never really got back into an active membership. I've always been lurking, though, even though I wasn't an active member of the online BIONICLE community.


Well, I've had a number of theories, both successful and unsuccessful. I'll just go ahead and put them here.

  • Icarax (Confirmed) – Back in 2007, when we were getting snippets on another Makuta, I put all the pieces together to develop a good picture of Icarax. I got bonesiii’s Theory Award, which I’m still pretty proud of, and eventually it got Greg to loosen up on some Icarax information. That was my only one that had big success.
  • Matoran Numerals (Rejected by BSS) – So, looking at the Matoran numbers, there’s room for two more after nine. I suggested to the BSS that the Matoran number system is base 12, and they said that, even though it made sense, it would require too much retconning to implement it. I still like it, though.
  • Sundial Voice – We never found out who the telepathic voice was that told Lewa to get the sundial from the Onu-Wahi mine, did we? I think it was Krakua. It would fit in well with his position as a liason of the Order of Mata Nui, and his Suletu would let him pull that off.
  • Av-Matoran – So, this one’s touching on the Matoran reproduction system. I think that it utilizes the Av-Matoran population, even to this day. Remember, back in 2008, we were told that if all the Av-Matoran were converted to Shadow Matoran, something “terrible” would happen, beyond just the whole race being gone. However, Greg said that he couldn’t tell us what it would be. Even more recently, he hasn’t gone into detail whenever people ask him about it. I think it’s connected to something else he can’t discuss: where new Matoran come from. I think that, whatever method they come about from, it uses the Av-Matoran as living templates from which new Matoran are created. So, if all the Av-Matoran were gone, there would be no new Matoran coming into being, which would doom the Matoran race to a slow, but inevitable, death.
  • Kanohi Masks - I also have a number of Kanohi Masks that I thought of. Kanohi were what first attracted me to BIONICLE, so obviously I wanted to make some new ones. I don't think exist anywhere online, but I might find a place some day.
  • Reboot Connection - I think that the "reboot" will connect back to the old universe somehow, the same way the '09 reboot did. I think that Mata Nui from the original universe will appear in the new one; that's why "Ekimu" and "Okoto" were created to replace Mata Nui, so there won't be any confusion when the real one finally joins. Maybe Mata Nui is the one who used the Vahi (if you're into that line of things; I obviously am).
  • Periodic Table of Elements - Back when Elemental theorizing was popular, I came up with a way of categorizing them that opened the door for a lot of new Elements. I modify it every so often, looking for the "perfect" arrangement. My latest version is shown below.

The Periodic Table of the Elements

Primary Fire Earth Water Air Jungle
Secondary Electricity Stone Ice Sonics Rahi
Tertiary Plasma Metal Oil Gravity Blood
Counter Smoke Lava Acid Vacuum Sand
Epic Light Shadow Mind Time Plague


The Elements are organized in a matrix format. Each of the twenty-five Elements belongs to a Group and a Period. Elements in the same Group will reflect, in some way or another, the Primary Element of that group. Elements in the same Period will have similar relationships to their respective Primary Elements.

Each Group and each Period consist of five Elements.


  • The first column, Fire, contains the highly energetic Elements.
  • The second column, Earth, has Elements that are found beneath the ground.
  • The third column, Water, not only reflects chemical water, but other fluids.
  • The fourth column, Air, is made up of Elements having to do with movement.
  • The fifth column, Jungle, contains Elements regarding to life.


  • The top row, Primary Elements, has the classical elements. These Elements are the least common denominators of the universe, the broadest description of the world’s building blocks.
  • In the second row are the Secondary Elements, elements that are prevalent in the Matoran Universe, but are not quite as widespread as their respective Primary Elements. They are easily seen as distinct from their Primary Element; however, definite connections can easily be seen.
  • In the third row are the Tertiary Elements, specifically refined versions of their Primary Elements. While they are specialized, they are extremely powerful.
  • In the fourth row are the Counter-Elements. Rather than building on a Primary Element, these Elements have to do with the destruction or absence of their Primary Element. Because of their nature, Toa of these Elements are exceedingly rare, but they do have small roles to play.
  • In the fifth row are the Epic Elements, powerful elements that have an almost spiritual connection in addition to their physical components. Wielders of these Elements are among the most powerful being in the universe, and a Toa of an Epic Element always is preceeded by signs and prophecies.

Element Survey


Toa of Rahi are one of the kinds of Toa that do not create their Element, or even directly manipulate it. They communicate with Rahi; summoning them, influencing them, adapting from them, and even melding their minds with theirs. Their powers include:

  • Summoning Rahi, insects, and sea creatures
  • Sensing nearby life
  • Influencing their minds or taking direct control over their bodies
  • Creating mental connections, allowing them to access Rahi memories or senses
  • Sensing danger instinctually
  • A Rahi nova blast would summon a stampede of all manner of wildlife


Plasma incorporates the classical Elements of Plasma and Magnetism. It also includes forms of plasma that produce exotic particles, giving Toa of Plasma as many unique abilities as they can figure out. New powers for Plasma users include:

  • Creating and sensing radioactivity, allowing for tracking
  • Exotic Particle abilities, which could cause teleportation, quantum entanglement, or cancelling other Elemental abilities.


Oil controls hydrocarbons. Liquid oils, oil vapors, and solid oil by-products (such as Plastic and Rubber) are encompassed by this Element. Oil powers involve:

  • Producing/absorbing liquid oils, combustible vapors, and oil-based solids, such as rubber and plastic
  • Creating oil slicks
  • Fortifying plastic and rubber, making them stronger and more elastic, respectively
  • An Oil nova blast would send liquid oil out in all directions from the Toa, liquefying all oil-based solids around the Toa performing the Nova Blast; also, any biomechanical beings caught in range experience irregularities in their mechanical parts for a short period of time


Blood is an interesting Element, because Blood users most often manipulate themselves. Their own blood is the easiest to affect, although they can influence the bodies and blood of others. At the disposal of Toa of Blood:

  • Healing, both of themselves and of others.
  • Increasing or decreasing physical abilities of themselves or others
  • Taking control over another being’s body (a very difficult technique)
  • A Blood nova blast affects the user, increasing their physical prowess by an incredible degree.


Vacuum is not limited to the absence of air. Vacuum users can manipulate fluid dynamics, causing pressure differentials or even pure vacuum. They also have limited control over Pressure. Vacuum involves:

  • Manipulating wind and water flows
  • Creating storms by manipulating pressure systems
  • Affecting peoples' balance
  • Thinning or thickening fluids to affect movement, breathing, or swimming
  • Manipulating pressure to fly
  • Attracting matter, applying Vacuum to compress it to a small area, then launching it out in a Vacuum Blast; this is not limited to air, although it is the easiest to compact
  • A Vacuum nova blast would suck in surrounding matter, releasing it in a number of powerful Vacuum Blasts in different directions


Lava is a distinct presence in the Matoran Universe, a specialized form of Fire that consumes Earth. Powers of a Toa of Lava include:

  • Creating/Absorbing melted solids, including lava and molten metals
  • Affecting lava flows, directing their movement
  • Producing tendrils of Lava that can be maintained and manipulated
  • A Lava nova blast would launch out streams of lava in all directions, as well as liquefying any stone, earth, or metals near the Toa performing the nova blast


Sand is a poorly translated Matoran word; the Element includes Crystals, Glass, and Ceramics. The closest translation of the Matoran name for this Element would be “Crystal Lattice,” but Sand is the commonly used word to describe it. Sand involves:

  • Creating/Absorbing sand, crystals, glass, and ceramics
  • Passing through large amounts of sand, much as one would swim through water
  • Fortifying crystals, glass, and ceramics that are under pressure, making them less resistant to breaking
  • Sand-blasting, focusing streams of sand to carve and smooth materials
  • A Sand nova blast would shoot out abrasive sand and shards of crystal in all directions from the Toa performing the nova blast


Smoke is another misnomer, better reflected as “Suspended Particulate.” It includes Smoke, Dust, Mist, and Steam. Using Smoke Elemental powers involve:

  • Creating or dispersing smokescreens
  • Moving through mists without disturbing them
  • Extending their senses through a bank of smoke or fog
  • Manipulating the mists as arms or tentacles
  • Flying, through the rapid creation of steam
  • A Smoke nova blast would create a dense cloud over a large area


Plague also encompasses aspects of Poison and Virus. It’s a dangerous Element to control, which is why it makes almost no appearances inside the Matoran Universe. A Toa of Plague would have these abilities:

  • Producing/absorbing diseases, healing others’ diseases or introducing new ones
  • Producing/absorbing viruses and retroviruses that can be tailored to a variety of purposes
  • Producing/absorbing poisons, allowing weapons used by a Toa of Plague to contain venomous coatings
  • Producing/absorbing antibodies, white blood cells, and other parts of the immune systems of various creatures
  • Producing/absorbing antidotes that can heal nearly any poison in existence
  • A Plague nova blast would infect all the creatures around the Toa performing the nova blast with a variety of plagues and viruses; the virility of the diseases introduced are random


Time is another Element that is almost too powerful to be placed in the Matoran Universe. The Mask of Time is not directly connected to this Element; the Vahi is more related to the timeline and history of the Matoran Universe. The Element of Time deals with the passage of time and the experience of individuals. A Toa of Time would have the following powers:

  • Remembering things with perfect clarity
  • Affecting others’ memories, causing them to remember or forget
  • Understanding how present actions will impact the future
  • Seeing the immediate future to a limited degree
  • Slowing down the passage of time
  • A Time nova blast would stop time temporarily for the user.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to modify my Periodic Table, you can post suggestions on my talk page, or, what I would prefer, shoot me a PM on BZP. My account is right here.