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"Sometimes, my brothers, the best way, the only way to win... is by losing."
— Makuta Teridax, Into the Darkness

"Well, naturally. Lead on, and let me show you all how dying's done."
— Vezon, Destiny War

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User Status Statustastic.
BZPower Username Constonks
BZPower Status Descending into Protodermis
Location In Ur Room, Watchin U Surf
Gender Male
Favorite Set Kardas Dragon

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I'm Konus (or Constonks on BZP and almost any other site I'm on). I've been registered on the BioSector 01 Wiki for quite some time.

I've posted numerous short stories and unfinished epics, and an unfinished (Still semi-active) comedy on BZP... I'm not really a constant poster, especially over the last year or so.


Constonks's Favorite...

...Villains: Sylar, Teridax, Vader, Ledger's Joker, Hannibal, Cigarette Smoking Man

...Superpowers: Telekinesis, Accuracy, Time Travel

...Bands: The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, OK Go, Coldplay

...Webcomics: MS Paint Adventures, Nedroid, Dr. McNinja, Axe Cop, Questionable Content, Dinosaur Comics, xkcd and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

...Matoran: Kazi, Dekar

...Piraka: Thok, Vezon, Vezok (especially pre-SoF Vezok)

...Barraki: Pridak (story-wise, greatly disliked the set...), Kalmah (set-wise, didn't get to know him in the story...)

...Toa: Kopaka, Lewa

...Makuta: THE Makuta and in a distant second, Krika

...other character: Botar (SOAWESOME)

...Web Serial: "Into the Darkness", "Federation of Fear" and "Destiny War"

...BIONICLE book: BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap

...BIONICLE set: Kardas Dragon, Maxilos and Spinax, Thok, Nuparu Inika, Vorox

..."Called It" moment: First Toa = Leader of OoMN

...BIONICLE year: 2001, 2006 and 2008 for story, 2009 for set design.

...letter: Q.

...number: 5,163,742,239.