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If you can read this... you're too close to the computer.It's bad posture.

Emporer Tren Krom
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User Status Playin Runescape
BZPower Username Emporer Tran Krom
BZPower Status Hangin' in there
Location Stealing Creation, The most Awesomest minigame in runescape!!!
Gender male
Favorite Set Voporak

External Image Attention all runescape players, My name is Nengex and I can own your face with my all powerful staff of problem-solving (its quite simple: I just annhilate all problems) Emporer Tren Krom (Speak, Freak!!/lookie what i can do, mommy) My Beautiful sig is provided by LNU ( though im really thinking about changin it)

I recently went to the beach with LNU and his family. We have a new talent: Sand sculpting!!

The BZP Cards are almost here!

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History 1

History 2

Bionicle History finale

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Watch in order!

Fav Quotes

"Karda Nui – how to describe its glory, its wonder, its sheer beauty? How to capture the feeling one gets at the first sight of it? It isn't easy, but let me try.
It's a big cave. With a swamp in it.
— Mutran, The Mutran Chronicles

"Horror is looking into the eyes of the Shadowed One, knowing you are about to die ... and then being forced to live. Horror is waking each day to see every part of your body moving on its own, a shifting mass of Protodites where once was solid metal and living tissue. Horror is what is in the eyes of your partners when they look at you ... and in the cries of your enemies when your swarm engulfs them. Don't talk to me about fear, creature - I am fear!"
— Zaktan standing up to Irnakk

" You haven't answered any of my 110 questions, or my follow-ups."
— Vezon, Destiny War

"In the interests of writing a complete record, I should include every detail of my time there(on the Tren Krom Peninsula). In the interests of the sanity of everyone reading this, I will not."
— Mutran, The Mutran Chronicles

"I know Stelt, A Nui-Rama doesn't buzz on the Tren Krom Peninsula without you scum hearing it. So I'll ask again, where is he? Where is the Makuta of Metru Nui?"
— Miserix

"What I could really use is a Mask of Light right about now. Right, like that's ever going to happen."
— Lewa's thoughts while diving, Swamp of Secrets

"To be a Toa is to defeat all those who oppose you? Is this what you believe a Toa to be? A mighty arm to strike down your enemies? Your power is nothing. A Toa's true strength lies here," Whenua said, pointing to his head. Then he placed a hand over his heartlight, saying, "And here. Your Toa Power can move the dirt ... Your mind and heart can move mountains."
— Whenua to Onua, Tales of the Masks

"Chuck Norris Has the greatest poker face of all time. he once won the 1983 world series of poker with a 3 of clubs, a Jack of Spades, A 2 of diamonds, a 3 green Uno card, and a monopoly get out of jail free card"
— A joke I found on the internet and told to LNU while we were playin Texas Hold 'em AT CHURCH!! theres really nothing wrong with it, but most die-hard baptists think there is.

"How many Marxists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

-I dont know

-They dont change lighbulbs, because turning it requires a revolution"
— -runescape wiki user Jack Spiral telling a joke to our clan after Hapi007 said
Okay, time for Communist jokes

" A Guy Walks into a bar, He says ouch... Kim-Jong-Il walks into a bar, He shoots someone to say ouch for him."
— A joke I came up with and LNU made even better.

— LNU and ETK


Mah new sig is dis! --I stand at the door and knock (Questions?/sandbox) 20:53, 4 October 2009 (UTC)

Sets I own



Toa Ignika


Hahli Inika



Vakama Hordika

Nuju Hordika

All the Visorak (Even though I hate Spiders, and they're really my little brother's but we share)




Pohatu Nuva




Pohatu Mata

Tahu Mata


LetterM.png This user can translate Matoran to English.
Infected Kanohi Mata Nui.PNG This user has been a fan of BIONICLE since 2001.
Miserix.png This user's favorite Makuta is Miserix
Ignika side view.png This user likes the Gold Kanohi Ignika the most.
Hewkii Mahri.png This user is glad that stone types changed to yellow, but thinks that they shouldn't have changed to orange
BS01 Empire Skin Thumb.PNG This user supports the BS01 Empire Skin. SURRENDER OR DIE!
Set Toa Hordika Vakama.png This user has Vakama Hordika
ToaHordika.png This user's favorite song was Hero, but he now likes monster more, though he wonders why he can't get Lucy out of his head, its stuck.
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External Image Where's the Freaking cake already?!

Tahu Mistika with Keystone.PNG Execute order sixty-six.


I hate my job...
"Hello. we are from the IRS. You have not paid your taxes. We want to know why."
Do you like waffles!? YEAH WE LIKE WAFFLES!!!
Arggg!! Fenrak! get me an asprin! ouch! the chronic headaches are back.

Awards (5)

Its my Monkey and i need it now!!! Award
This award has been given to ETK for his extreme dislike of irrelevant things and because he hates said commercial

External Image This award claims that Vezok says to Emporer Tren Krom that he is a ruler of water and can be his friend.

External ImageBorna12345, The master of wiki coding (Talk|UBs)

This has been given to Emporer Tren Krom for earning the right to be in my fellowship. A happy sing-song day for you, Emporer Tren Krom! from Lewa Nuva Unleashed
External Image The Not Dead Yet Award
This award has been granted to ETK for not being dead yet.but he soon will be cuz he gots this from nup's sb.


External Image The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Award
This award has been granted to ETK for having the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch and not being afraid to use it or just liking Monty Python!He will use it on anyone who accuses him of stealing this award.




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