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71303 Ikir Creature of Fire
Small Set
Set number 71303
Subtheme Elemental Creatures
Release date January 2016
Pieces 77
MSRP $9.99 (US)
Ages 6-12

Set 71303 Ikir Creature of Fire is a small set released in early 2016 portraying Ikir, the Elemental Creature of Fire.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
Swoop in and launch a fiery attack on the shadow trap hiding in the lava!
Things are getting too hot for comfort on the island of Okoto! Swoop in with powerful fire crystal wings and defeat the shadow trap, released by Umarak the Shadow Hunter. Fend off the shadow trap’s ferocious attack with lethal fiery claws! Will the creature escape and be tamed by the heroic Toa, and unite to create an invincible force?

*Ikir Creature of Fire features posable claws, unity piece to attach Toa and a mask.
*Includes a shadow trap.
*Sturdy design for intense action play!
*Stands over 4” (12cm) tall.
*Combine with 71308 Tahu Uniter of Fire in one click, using the unity piece.
*Elemental creatures also unite with other Toa to conjure up new mystical powers!

Set Information

The set contains 77 pieces and includes a Shadow Trap.

The model can be attached to the back of 71308 Tahu Uniter of Fire to create a "powered-up" version of Tahu.

Pieces from this set can be combined with other sets to build Makuta's Shadow Titan form.


Ikir's tailpiece can be moved up or down to flap its Fire Crystal Wings.


The set comes with a Creature Mask of Fire and a Fire Shadow Trap.