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Swert is literally the oldest active member of the BS01 Wiki. Only CM outranks him, as he was the first to join period. Swert is only the second.

Since BS01 Wiki started, Swert has undergone three promotions of his own, from BS01 Staff to BS01 Co-Owner and official manager of BS01 Wiki, to BS01 Owner and Overlord of BS01. He's been doing things to BS01 that could make CM cry with both tears of joy and tears of pain, but they end up being done for the member body.

He is currently active to a degree. If you count writing this paragraph active, that is. Oh, you don't? Fine, he's just lurking.

He tends to call the staff many things, including Toa Sectra, Wiki Staff, "My Staff," and the DX Army.


Toa Swert

Toa Swert began his life as a Matoran, as most Toa do, in the city of BZ-Koro, where worked his way up to popular standards, designing equipment for average Matoran to use. This led him to go up against such rivals as Rayg, Razor and even the top carver himself Arzee. However, he would overshoot them all one day as he was chosen by Toa Brelzen to become a Toa himself. Brelzen then left to finish his destiny as Swert was left to defend his new home of Wiki Nui. He has since trained another Matoran to take his place in carving legends, namely Danska, who has overshot his own skill. Swert picked more Toa to follow him onward, and they now fight as the Toa Sectra, so named by Swert himself.

Over time, the island became so large, they had to move upward into the sky to continue to fill the content they had. They dared not go deeper into the world as needed. Because of this, Toa Swert Sectra became a Phantoka, taking the wings of Kopaka Nuva from his days of Phantoka, and making a new Toa Tool known as the Gravity Fang, as well as using a Midak Skyblaster. The Skyblaster has very little power in it, thus negates the danger of draining the world of its light.


A Glatorian sharing the name of the famous Toa. He's not important.

Trivia: Named by Kayru, inspired by Swert's username and the BS01 Certavus competition.


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The Toa


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Cholie is a Toa of Stone, but is more like a Toa of Procrastination. Bio coming later.


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Master of the Rahkshi

Master of the Rahkshi is one of the older members of the wiki, having joined back in Crystal Matrix's heyday. He aided CM in setting up the original BionicleSector01 site, providing information for various articles. When the wiki was established, MotR joined, and took a more direct hand in adding information. After a long period of much heavy editing, various personal issues forced Master of the Rahkshi off the wiki, and out of Bionicle itself. After more than a year, he returned, and was startled to be offered a staff position only a few months after his return. After another period of absence, MotR returned yet again.

MotR specializes in Rahi and obscure page clarification.


Raika, Toa of Shadow

Created near the birth of the universe, Raika lived out the first part of his life as a Le-Matoran on the island of Stelt. Though the dominant species of the island made life difficult for him, as they did for all Matoran who live there, he made a decent living as a trader and minor crafter. This continued for about ten thousand years, until one night Raika mysteriously disappeared from his home. No one knows what happened, and frankly, not many people cared. There were reports that an unnamed and unknown group of Toa was spotted on Stelt several days before his disappearance, but what connection they have, if any, is unknown. Raika’s life record since this time is unknown, possibly even to him, and records of him are fragmented at best and extremely rare. What is known is that a Toa of Air resembling him was spotted in several areas around the universe, even on the southern continent. Twenty thousand years after his disappearance, there were reported sightings of a Toa of Shadow around the universe, widely dismissed as rumor. Raika claims to have met the Pit jailer Hydraxon at some point before the Order member was assigned to his current location, and either saw him in combat or fought against him himself; he is vague on this point. In any case, the incident inspired Raika to emulate Hydraxon’s fighting style, and to train extensively in melee and hand-to-hand combat. He spent some time on Stelt after his corruption, and also aided the Vortixx in the famous Burning Assault, where the Brotherhood attempted to take control of Xia’s weapons manufacturing facilities. Later on, Raika traveled to Nynrah; while the reasons for why he went to the island are unknown, it is known that that is where much of his weaponry was designed, including his specialized Midak skyblaster. Several hundred years before the Great Shadow, he was found by the Toa Sectra on an islet not far from Wiki-Nui. Though they were wary of him at first, the Sectra eventually asked Raika to join their team. He accepted, and has aided in Wiki-Nui’s defense ever since.

Raika is the only known Toa of Shadow that exists in the universe. In addition to that, he is the only being of shadow known to contain light in his nature; though he certainly has his darker side, including a tendency to carry battles too far and ‘play’ with his enemies, he remains on the side of light overall. Raika seems to bear an unnatural amount of knowledge about various subjects, including the identity, abilities, and history of each member of the Dark Hunters; the name, traits, and assigned location of each member of the Brotherhood of Makuta; news from lands that he seems to receive before any possibility of word can be sent; and a number of other subjects of which most bear little knowledge, if any know at all. He also has acquaintances in nearly every corner of the world, no matter how dangerous or seedy, including locations controlled by the Brotherhood and Dark Hunters, Xia, the southern continent, Stelt, and even Zakaz.

When asked about his past, he claims that his memory is fragmented; that from ninety thousand to fifty thousand years before the Great Shadow, he carries only scattered memories of his life. He refuses to answer where he received his combat training, custom-forged masks, and unique knowledge, claiming that he cannot remember. Similarly, he denies any knowledge of or involvement with the unknown Toa team. He also claims that he cannot remember the circumstances of his ascension to Toa, corruption to shadow Toa, or his unique enlightened state; the last two seem to be his most sincere claims, because he has often been found perusing any recorded mention of Toa of Darkness to be found in Wiki-Nui, along with many philosophical studies into the nature of light and darkness.

Raika’s personality is sometimes contrary; a cynic by nature, due to his harsh life on Stelt, he still holds out the hope of a peaceful future for the universe. He tries to combat his dark nature, but more often then not will hold little mercy for those who he feels are immoral, or who threaten those he protects. He believes that his overall duty to protect is more important than specific assignment; he has been known in the past to abandon a post or mission to protect those he feels is his duty to serve, and will sometimes ignore direct orders to the contrary.

Raika’s primary weapons are a set of retracting blades mounted to his forearms. These blades can be removed and used as more conventional weapons, though he also carries a pair of shortblades and a set of throwing daggers. For emergencies, he carries a miniaturized Midak blaster, believed to have been acquired on Xia and modified by the Nynrah ghosts, which fires weaker blasts of light more rapidly than full-sized models. Raika will often prefer to engage his enemies in direct melee combat using his powers to get close enough; he will also resort to using elemental powers along with his ranged arsenal. He wears six separate masks, all custom-forged and modified for combat and stealth: a Kakama, a Pakari, a Hau, and a Matatu and Sanok, both with triple-lens attachments to the left eye. His primary mask is a streamlined Calix.


Dorek refuses to have a userpage, and will chop down anybody who tries to tell him otherwise. That axe ain't just for show, kiddies. He will come to your house and cut you.


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Kayru is the only female on staff so far. Kayru has taken the position of a BS01 Advisor.


Toa Kayru Though only a single carving and a short tale are all we know of this character, we do know that she was one of the earliest Toa to exist. As neither character is much understood, we do not know if the Rahi, Kayru "Kitsune", is an ancient altered form of this same fabled Toa, or merely named after her...

Kayru Kitsune Since the Matoran have inhabited the island of Mata Nui, they have cohabitated well with the mysterious Rahi that roamed the lands. A tall white fox-like creature, Kayru was most often seen in the forests of Le-Wahi, observing the new inhabitants. After several decades Kayru, who by then was thought by many to be a ghost, came to the village of Le-Koro, intending to make peace. For a while the Matoran were unsure about this creature, who stood a head taller than the Toa, and wielded powerful claws and a strong build. Matau was wiser, however - he and Kayru spoke for days about the island and of her past. (This discussion never left the tent in which they met. Little is known about their discussion.) Upon the departure of the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran for Metru Nui, the Turaga left it in the hands of Kayru and a few select others on the island to protect it from harm in their absence. Since that time, Kayru has been a faithful protector of Onu-Wahi and Le-Wahi... though few see her anymore. She has regained her status to many as a ghost or spectre, appearing and disappearing from time to time at will.


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In his first couple days of being a staffie, Triggy basically blew up BS01 by deleting Swert's talk. NEVER AGAIN. Despite this, he continues to be committed to the Wiki, tirelessly serving as the Image Seeker and Infosmith.


Trighek, or Triggy, is one of the few Skakdi to be ever be recruited to serve in a benevolent faction. Despite the fact that he can be tempermental and the other Toa Sectra sometimes feel uncomfortable around him, this hero-for-hire never shirks his responsibilities and is always ready to do what he must for the good of Wiki-Nui.


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Varaka is lurk.


Coming soon.


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Bionicleman joined way back when, when the Wiki was still getting on its feet. Doing his work well, he became a staff member where he served faithfully until his retirement. His work was so fine, he received the Prestige Award for his efforts, the only editor ever to do so on BS01. That just goes to show how awesome he is, and now he has returned.


Not much is known about the ancient and wise Toa who mysteriously returned to Wiki-Nui. The only thing known for certain is that he wields the mighty Protosteel Stick in combat, bringing terror to his foes.


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Shadow Kurahk

Shadow Kurahk, better known as SK or ~SK~, joined the wiki two years ago. He picked off the Rank Guardians one by one, speedily advancing up the food chain. On the way, he gained awesome coding abilities, lots of friends, positions on a few of the Wiki's organizations, and a good sum of recognition.

On April 1st, he was promoted to moderator alongside Grant-Sud, being told that it was part of an April Fool's joke. Little did he know it was not.

He's likely the best of the coders among the staff all the members of the wiki. Just sayin'.

Alter Ego

Name: Dahaka

Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: A large, unappealing brute with a natural navy-black color. Over-averagely sized, he wears protodermic armor near impenetrable by a weak blade. The armor, a very dark shade of grey, clashes against his natural bluish skin tone. He is altogether a well-built figure: developed and muscled limbs among a well-exercised torso. His Kanohi is unnamed, but is therein referred to as the Mask of Clairvoyance [See POWER(S)]. His clairvoyance Kanohi coated in a navy-black color, similar to that of his natural skin tone. He does not surpass average size of a Toa enough to scare or intimidate another (not without trying; he does so subconsciously).
Weapon(s): Medium-sized dagger; small launcher (pistol-type)
Power(s): Mask of Clairvoyance: randomly grants its user the ability to foresee the near future; Other Powers: highly limited storm conjuration.
Biography: Born into a clan of prestigious peoples, Dahaka was destined to be great. Throughout his younger years he strove to be the best at whatever he had the ability to do. He slowly worked his way to the top rankings among his other young friends, gaining respect of not only his fellow peers but also of his tribe's elders. When he was summoned by the elders to be tested for advancement into military ranks, he unknowingly executed a forbidden act and was banished from his village. Devastated, he was forced to grow older in solitude, rarely even running a successful conversation with someone, even though those that made it past the first few lines didn't last long. As he grew older and matured, his respected "gods" granted him growth, making him abnormally larger and physically twice as old he had been at the start of the growth/aging process. Free to venture to other worlds on his own, he ended up on Wiki Nui, where he hopes to live large, obtain a grand fortune, and regain his lost "childhood."

Name: Kahad

Gender: Male
Species: Makuta
Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: A medium-height Makuta, slightly taller then normal Toa but comparable in size to Chirox. His armor isn't as powerful as he'd like, and is a combination of black and red hues, few of which are indiscernible against his pure-red robe. He has a naturally bright reddish-white skin tone, which contrasts beneath his purely red and black armor. His physique would be/is often admired, as he keeps fit and tends to try to keep it at that attainable factor of health. He bears a Great Kanohi Shelek, the Mask of Silence [See POWER(S)]. His kanohi matches his armor's color, replacing it's default silver areas with metallic red.
Weapon(s): Handcrafted, full-length blade
Power(s): Kanohi Shelek: grants its user the ability to render his/her opponent deaf and mute for a short period of time; Other Powers: (strictly limited use of powers listed) Element of Shadow, Kraata Creation/Powers, Short-range telepathy
Biography: A prison escapee from another island, Kahad is continually on the run from powerful and brutal officers. He has yet to discover himself and become someone true within the world, and endlessly strives to obtain that goal. For without knowing oneself, oneself will not know those around he. Kahad is also known to be a scientist, a result of one of his experiments on a Kikanalo destined to an ill fate being Nazar, his trusty beast and sidekick.


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Grant-Sud joined the wiki about a year ago and became a staff on April 1 2010 along with Shadow Kurahk as a joke to fool the members. Next day, they learned they had truly become promoted and the joke was on them.

Grant is able to offer much when it comes to editing and helped in the O:RAC and Maintenance organizations by doing rewrites, updating pages and finding quotes. He's a nice member and friendly with anyone. Those who know him well, call him by his alter ego, Toa Cise.

He's a large fan of classical cartoons. ^_^


Coming soon.


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Akihabara is the Lead Programmer of BS01 and HF01.


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Coming soon...

Turaga Sectra

Toa Sectra that have fulfilled their destiny and are no longer active.

Crystal Matrix

CM was BS01's first Administrator. He parted with the words "Merry Friday." And he said it so you better have one.

Links: BIONICLEsector01:The Kini of Crystal Matrix | Member Spotlight


Pekel's history is a bit of a mystery.


Ikki would probably tell you that a tree falling in the middle of a forest with no one around could be heard, because he became a Wiki Staff member before the vast majority of us were even around.


He took pride in being "the scariest staff member ever promoted," which is to say that he didn't have much patience with... well, anything. A Public Relations staff member and hard-working moderator, he personified the word "sarcasm," but in a well-intended way of course. ([/sarcasm])

Links: Farewell Address | Member Spotlight


Utopia was a guy who could cover all the bases at once: He was a brilliant moderater, manager, storyline expert, and friend to many. It was honestly very hard to say something bad about him, because he was good at everything Swert ever asked him to do. Despite the fact that he was a bit of a ghost near the end, Utopia's influence will always be felt and his example will always shine.

Links: Member Spotlight


Before he was hired, Syn was to be found at the very deepest depths of Swert's mysterious bag of friends, and was needed because the night shift was under-staffed. He did stuff at first, but after a while he was simply...never really heard from again. We can only hope the owner of this site will eventually rescue him from that legendary bag before it's too late.

KoApp (Kopaka's Apprentice)

A good moderator and an even better people person, KoApp's retirement was one of the least publicized but most deeply felt. His tenure was full of nothing but good times, and he did his job well to boot. If any one member could ever be said to be the heart and soul of BS01, it's this guy right here.


Lih was a good guy. Good with coding. Kinda lazy though. He often saved the Wiki from technical doom and splosion. Thanks, Lih!

Darnzerf (Darnz)

Darnzerf first joined the Wiki when Swert asked him to look over the site while he was gone. Later, Darnzerf became one of the four original moderators. After the downtime, he was promoted to the first BS01 Wiki General Manager.

Zeero (Bionus)

Bionus is a strange lad who comes from a land of snow. For several years, he couldn't decide whether or not he wanted to stay as a BS01 staffer or go into retirement, however after being on his third term as staff, he decided to retire for good. However, retirement just isn't his thing and he became an Advisor, changing his name to Zeero to commemorate his change in position.


As one of the very first editors on the wiki, Bioran was one of the oldest active contributors on the wiki, and one of the first moderators. His contributions and dedication to the wiki, especially his favorites - the Locations pages, made an incredible impact and we will surely miss him.


Staff Timeline

Names in bold refer to current staff.


  • (October 4, 2005 – April 1, 2006) Crystal Matrix [retired]
  • (April 1, 2006 – February 4, 2007) Pekel [retired]
  • (April 1, 2006 – present) Swert

General Managers

  • (February 4, 2007 – February 2, 2009) Darnzerf [retired]
  • (December 1, 2007 – April 9, 2010) Electric Turahk [retired] [advisor]
  • (April 2, 2008 – April 12, 2011) Erebus [retired]
  • (April 12, 2011 – 2016) Bionicleman
  • (September 13, 2014 – present) Dorek
  • (April 6, 2010 – March 7, 2011; October 12, 2014 – 2016) Shine


  • (October 4, 2005 – April 1, 2006) Pekel [promoted]
  • (October 4, 2005 – April 1, 2006) Swert [promoted]
  • (April 1, 2006 – February 4, 2007; March 14, 2007 – October 30, 2007; December 1, 2008 – February 2, 2009) Bionus [retired] [advisor]
  • (April 1, 2006 – May 2007; October 13, 2007 – October 16, 2010) Bioran23 [retired]
  • (April 1, 2006 – February 4, 2007) Darnzerf [promoted]
  • (April 1, 2006 – December 3, 2007) Utopia [retired]
  • (May 6, 2006 – September 2, 2007; November 1, 2009 – April 12, 2011) Bionicleman [promoted]
  • (February 4, 2007 – April 2, 2008) Erebus [promoted]
  • (February 4, 2007 – March 4, 2007) Ikki [retired]
  • (April 23, 2007 – February 26, 2008) KoApp [retired]
  • (October 13, 2007 – December 1, 2007) Electric Turahk [promoted]
  • (October 13, 2007 – February 2, 2008) Gravitan [retired]
  • (October 13, 2007 – April 27, 2010) Gb1 [retired]
  • (October 13, 2007 – May 9, 2009) Lihyahm [retired] [advisor]
  • (October 13, 2007 – April 6, 2010) Shine [promoted]
  • (December 16, 2007 – February 6, 2008) Syn [retired]
  • (December 21, 2007 – December 23, 2007; December 13, 2008 – August 1, 2011) Kraahlix [retired]
  • (February 2, 2008 – present) Cholie
  • (May 8, 2008 – present) Master of the Rahkshi
  • (September 15, 2008 – September 13, 2014) Dorek [promoted]
  • (December 1, 2008 – June 19, 2009) Kayru [retired] [advisor]
  • (February 17, 2009 – present) KZN02
  • (February 17, 2009 – May 2, 2010) Triggy [retired]
  • (May 23, 2009 – present) Varaka [hiatus]
  • (April 1, 2010 – present) Shadow Kurahk [hiatus]
  • (April 1, 2010 – present) Grant-Sud [hiatus]
  • (December 30, 2012 – present) Metax
  • (September 13, 2014 – present) Morris the Mata Nui Cow
  • (November 20, 2015 – present) Zo;Tomana