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December 14


Lih is a hard working staff member, best known for being... well, uh... an assistant Jester! He joined BS01 around 06, and became a fast-acting editor shortly after.

His most recent claim to fame is the Wiki upgrade, and without him, BS01 wouldn't be so shiny. Now all he has to do is fix a few issues.

November 29


Dorek was hired pretty much out of both necessity, and the fact that he was doing the job pretty well.

While new to the staff, he's already become so well a staff member, he's already got a staff banner. What are the odds? Enjoy it, Dorek. NOW GO MAKE A USERPAGE ALREADY XD

November 14


Shineh. He's a good worker, and an even better graphics artist. In fact, if you ever wonder where most of BS01 gets its decent images... well, part of it's Swert's fault, but the parts Swert either won't claim or didn't make, that's... well, Bioran's fault... But the REST is Shine!

Congrats on the win, Shine. Now, do as the song says in our wallpaper, and Shine On, you Crazy Diamond.


Everybody. Edit on.

October 8


Bioran. He's a n00b (Hate you Swert. XD Bioran23), let's start off that way. But without him, BS01 might be called "BZPower Reference Wiki" or something like that.

BS01 has had this guy since its beginning, and for anyone who wishes to ask, he isn't for sale or trade. We're keeping him, as much as we can't stand him some days.

Enjoy this award, Bioran. Lord knows you made it XD

September 17


Utopia is an old member, but not as active as he once was. He helped build BS01 up to its level of development, and has done his best to merit staffhood and even General Manager status.

BS01 truly lost a valid editor when he left. But we're still hoping he shows up. He owes Swert 10 bucks.

August 24


TNU is a very active editor in the PRA and on many smaller projects, including the BS01 Game Team. BS01 is very fortunate to have such an active user, and would probably collapse without him.

Congrats on getting this award. Now make a smaller image so the template can stop being stretched.

August 10


One of Triggy's awesome uploads. Triggy is the Image Man. What more do we need to say about this guy? Congratulations on becoming this week's Member Spotlight, mate, and keep up the good work!


July 27


Every once in a while, BS01 would experience a sudden flood of new members. However, often, only a very minute portion of those members would stay, contribute and eventually be recognized by the BS01 community as a great and helpful editor who has made the wiki better yet. And of course, Kraahlix would be one of them.

Kraahlix, then BionicleFanNuva, first arrived at the site just like any other newbie: innocent, carefree, and at times, rather silly in other people's eyes. (If not very often.) And just like so many new members, he faced one of the biggest challenges when coming to BS01: staying or fleeing for his life. Frankly, he chose the latter, although eventually fleeing back to BS01 probably because a piranha was chasing him down the road.

Regardless of the reasons, BionicleFanNuva soon returned to the spotlights of BS01, and through that brilliantly blinding light, he gained reputation amongst the BS01 community, along with trust and was welcomed into the community itself. Although still silly at times (But, hey let's face it, who isn't?), his contributions to the wiki were recognized, and he would be given responsibilities, such as the being writer of the CotW write-up and taking charge of the Event Log. His contributions to the wiki have certainly recognized him as one of BS01's great members, and all the more reason why those who he crushed with his fame should now charge him down with their rifles and guns.

July 12


Perhaps one of our largest contributors on BS01, KZN02 dedicates a ton of his time to BS01, and its well-being. It is worth noting, however, he does most of the minor work that some people never choose to do. Bravo, KZN.

A true veteran, KZN was an editor of this current DB well long ago, back in August 2007. It is, however, believed he was a member long before that. It's good to know members as loyal to us as KZN is.

KZN's biggest edits include adding Appearances, Links and other minor things. However, without him, it's possible none of it would be posted. We salute you, good buddy. Now go add Comic 14 Appearances.

June 28

Exo Malakai

Exo... Exo is... umm... unique? One of the friendlier residents of Wiki-Nui, he edits a lot, and he helps run a game team for BS01.

If you ask him, you'll probably find you're one of his friends, and that he's probably too busy working on your member sprites to answer as quickly. (P.S. Exo, you messed mine up XD)

BS01 might not be where it is today without his contributions. Meanwhile, having looked at his recent contributions, I don't think we'd miss him too much either. Of course, I am kidding. Congrats, ExoM!

June 13


Bfa is a dedicated editor, providing BS01 with some memorable stuff on his user page such as Nuhvok from the IRS, the Phamily, and the Lehvak-Va who "has a Kanohi." (All of this is true, check his userpage.)

Along with his numerous edits, he also was the first to receive the Swert award, some claiming it to be the biggest award here (besides half the other awards made.)

With this MS, I'd like to now ask that he finally pay his debt to the IRS. The Nuhvok are getting tired of hanging around his user page.

May 30

Electric Turahk

ET. (Phone home.) He's probably one of the more controversial, but respected, members. BS01 is probably very lucky he works here, or most of BS01 wouldn't be done. He was the second General Manager of the Wiki promoted, and he was promoted directly from the BS01 Advisors list.

Outside of BS01, he also does his duty on BZPower as a Forum Assistant (*cough*ST*cough*) It's also worth noting he's probably one of the few members capable of changing Swert's mind, the other members including half of BS01, and the other half of BS01.

"ET phone home... Dad? It's me, I'm just checkin' in... Get off the phone, Icarax!"

May 17


Gravy train. He's perhaps one of the hardest workers of BS01 staff history, and he made a statement by BEING that good. He never really once told anyone he couldn't... unless he couldn't.

Basically, why is he here? Quite simple. Let us explain through use of examples. When you think "Swert" you might think BS01 (or Mastra, or so forth). Whereas when you hear Gravitan, you think dedication.

"And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it ridin' the Gravitan."

May 2


Finally he makes it to the Spotlight. After losing out to both Swert and CM, Cholie makes it to the front page. Joining the staff on Feb. 2nd, 2008, Cholie has proven almost irreplaceable, and on some occasions he has done more than most have done in their whole timeframe on BS01.

We welcome him into the Member Spotlight hall of fame. Now let's pray 2 weeks pass by us so we can get rid of him. XD

April 18

Crystal Matrix

Crystal Matrix was the first BS01 Webmaster, back before the Wiki was made. He actually created BS01, and was the very first member of the Wiki as well. So to honor him in the Member Spotlight's just like saying "Hello, you have proven once again to the world that you rock."

And he does rock.

April 4


Seems almost fitting, the owner of BS01 is the first Member Spotlight. But, he wouldn't think so. When asked how this affected him, he grunted and told everyone he'll be playing Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod.

Worthy, wouldn't you say?