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Title BS01's Lead Programmer
Team Toa Sectra
Kanohi Great Hau
Tools My Mind
Status Born Again
Location Toronto

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Metax is Is BS01's Lead Programmer and Dorek's 'Number One' (Second in Command/Commander).


Early Life

Metax was born in the True North in ages long past. Not much is known of Metax's early life.

Mask and Tools

Metax uses the Mask of Conjuring. This mask allows Metax to program specific powers abilities into the mask for limited periods of time.


"Alright then."
— Metax

— Metax

"Watashi wa ryourishite imasen! (Japanese "I am not cooking!")"
— Metax


Metax's favourite food are tacos. Metax loves Japan. Metax is Christian. Metax has been a bionicle fan since '01.


Canada: Ages long past - Present.

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