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I'm still trying to figure out the user template, so please ignore the lack of content.

As for my intrests: I really like the building factor of bionicle, but i'm new to the MOCing aspect of it. my MOCs or attempts include: two attemts at a matoran kaita with the rebuilt kohlii players (comparitively succesfull) an utter failure at a toa nui with the inika (ended up resembeling Randell Boggs from Monsters Inc for those of you who have seen it, and not something that looked like it could rival MN in power) an interesting attempt at a toa kaita using the phantoka toa and their matoran...decided to think of him as an OoMN member instead, a team of toa: plasma (Hecleuse(he-KLOOSE))who wears a kanohi arthron, lightning(Lykhana(ly-KAHN-nah)) who wears a hau looking like Lhikan's, light(female)(Luket(loo-KEHT)) wearing a kualsi, iron(Fenaro) wearing a volitak plantlife(Dukle(doo-CLAY)) and used the Jovan build for Menero. Artiex (protodermis), Delana (sonics), and Gralani (gravity) i'm leaving to my cousin to build as well as the bad guys. Forgot about a toa of shadow: Krekohn (kree-CONE) who is Dukle in discuise (he wears a mahiki). i also designed a couple of others, both weilding energy as their power, and a toa sized makuta weilding a dual ended weapon like the piraka, except of my design. it is a Midak Skyblaster on one end, and a sword on the other. if i figure out how to, i will make a page for them, and put images of them on it.

Bionicle is not the only stream of lego I am interested in. I have every Exo-Force set from the first two years, and a few lego starwars. Anyhoo...I do like using the computer, but I am led to believe that I am the only one in my high school without a cell phone or an ipod, and quite frankly, i dont really care. i'm not much of a video gamer either. really my favorite occupations are the computer (specificly Toontown) bionicle, and taking stuff apart to see how it works.

As stated above, i can read or wright in matoran, and have even attempted to wright a story in it, although it takes so long to wright, i often find myself abandoning the alphabet in favor of the latin one. while i'm on that subject, will someone ask Greg what "Technic Organic Opps One destiny" means? (the wrighting on the inside of the avohkii). seeing as i can never maintain a bzp membership, and i have yet to find him on the wiki...or rather, i've just been too lazy to look.


Nuvatoka.png This user fight for the Toa Nuva!
Image-Axlara T9.png This user's other ride is a flying refrigerator.
LetterM.png This user can translate Matoran to English.
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Phantoka.png This user wants all the Phantoka
HanhahCrab.png This user likes pets
Set Phantoka Kopaka Nuva.jpg <- Kopaka
Pohatu Mata Set.PNG No prizes for guessing this user's favourite Toa...
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Tahu Mata Set.PNG This user likes Toa of Fire best
Po-Matoran.PNG This user thinks that stone types should've stayed brown
Ehlek.PNG This user's favorite Barraki is Ehlek!
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External Image The External Image Award

The V Award is awarded to Anarchists who defy evil. This award is given to Melicahujay for being loyal to the TRUE Wiki-Nui, and earning Toa V's respect as an editor. Perhaps you will also one day recognize the truth, before it is too late.


Set Checklist


  • Kopaka
  • Gali


  • Kopaka Nuva (first set...i think)
  • Lewa Nuva
  • Gali Nuva
  • Kohrak (it's either him or kopaka N that was first)
  • Nuhvok 2x
  • Lehvak
  • Tahnok
  • Pahrak


  • Rahkshi Kaita Vo
  • Hahli
  • Hafu
  • Hewkii
  • Maku
  • Matoro


  • Kraahu
  • all 6 toa metru


  • Vakama Hordika
  • Nuju hordika
  • Whenua hordika
  • Vohtarak
  • Roporak
  • Ketongu
  • Sidorak
  • Roodaka
  • tower of toa
  • battle for metru nui


  • all 6 inika
  • Axonn
  • Brutaka


  • all 6 mahri
  • Defilak
  • Dekar
  • Karzahni
  • Hydraxonn
  • Maxilos
  • Gadunka


  • Lewa Nuva Phantoka
  • Tanma
  • Kopaka Nuva P
  • Solek
  • Pohatu N P
  • Photok
  • Takanuva
  • Mazeka

And I think that's everyone.