Amaja Circle

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Amaja Circle
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation ah-MAH-yah[1]

Amaja Circles were circular pits of sand used by the Turaga of Mata Nui to tell stories. The largest and most prominent circle was at the Kini-Nui, known as the Amaja-Nui. Before traveling to Metru Nui, Turaga Vakama created an Amaja circle at the edge of the Endless Ocean to tell the tales of Metru Nui.

In the legends told, the Great Spirit, Mata Nui, was represented by a smooth white rock, while his enemy, the Makuta, was represented by a rough black rock. These sand pits were sometimes surrounded by Lightstones to add effect.

The Amaja Circles were destroyed by the Bohrok Swarms when they were reawakened by the Toa Nuva.

Set Information

An Amaja Circle appeared in 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua, represented by a dark tan 4x4 circular plate.


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