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Can I join Operation Restore All Content? - FROGGER0 07:40, 6 July 2012 (PDT)

Shine has retired, and O:RAC has been disbanded (see here).... -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 10:16, 6 July 2012 (PDT)

New Kanohi Images

Are you sure those are really the same masks as before? --Vartemp 22:40, 9 October 2014 (CEST)

No, but I'm sure the files will be moved if not. -Shine 22:42, 9 October 2014 (CEST)


It appears you are trying to resurrect the Maintenance categories. Would you like some help? --Master of the Rahkshi Ask, and ye shall receive. Eventually. 04:21, 13 October 2014 (CEST)

Yeah, that would be cool. If not, then I'll get to them eventually. -Shine 06:13, 13 October 2014 (CEST)
You got a way I can get in touch with you off the wiki? --Master of the Rahkshi Ask, and ye shall receive. Eventually. 07:34, 13 October 2014 (CEST)
Do you use Steam? -Shine 08:55, 13 October 2014 (CEST)
Sure. You can find me under either 'blargby' or 'Tahaneira' (I honestly forget how the Steam friend system works). --Master of the Rahkshi Ask, and ye shall receive. Eventually. 17:15, 13 October 2014 (CEST)
Couldn't find any Blargbies and there's two Tahaneiras. I added the one I have two friends in common with, cuz I'm assuming that's you. -Shine 19:40, 13 October 2014 (CEST)


Speaking of old game sprites, I don't know if this helps at all with stuff like the Brakas or Vatuka or whatever, but if you wanted to take a crack at it. -- I AM THE DOREK do not truffle with me 09:33, 14 October 2014 (CEST)

Also, for the faceoff pic, there's this concept poster which has it. -- I AM THE DOREK do not truffle with me 09:37, 14 October 2014 (CEST)
Oh, cool, that's where the image originally came from. Never knew. Though I've been though the entirety of the game and couldn't find a Brakas, nor could anyone else. So unfortunately I think what you see there is as good as it's getting. Maybe there's some secret to it or they're just really rare like the magazine says. Or maybe they don't exist at all. What's wrong with the Vatuka though? -Shine 09:44, 14 October 2014 (CEST)
I love how that could never happen in this day and age with video games, but secrets were just part of the package back then. I wonder if there's an emulator of it somewhere that we can use.
Anyway, nothing's wrong with Vatuka specifically, just noticed that the image was slightly different and maybe one was more usable than the other. -- I AM THE DOREK do not truffle with me 10:07, 14 October 2014 (CEST)
Most of the images on the wiki from that game were gotten using an emulator. The sprites just look really bad by nature. I think they might have originally been 3D models instead of being made by hand, which could explain it. But yeah, that's weird. The magazine Vatuka does look different from the one on the wiki. Maybe it was just in a different pose at the time. -Shine 10:20, 14 October 2014 (CEST)

Picture Categories

Duplicate File

Just to bring this to your attention, [:File:Akakua Kopaka.png] is a duplicate file. --Vartemp Talk 05:00, 19 October 2014 (CEST)

Oops, thanks. I can't spell. -Shine 05:01, 19 October 2014 (CEST)


What external links are you talking about? I'm totally not a spammer :3 ζoxHistories External Image

That sounds like something a spammer would say. Shine 19:35, 22 October 2014 (CEST)

psshhhh, naw. ζoxHistories External Image

Skull Spider Set Images

[:File:Set Skull Spider Silver and Blue.png|The silver and blue one] is actuall just silver. Some Photoshop trickery for the packaging meant to make it look like it was underwater never got lifted for the clean pictures, giving a false impression that it's two-toned (which the packaging does as well, but still). There aren't actually any blue-silver ones. --~|RC|~ (Talk/Contribs)

My whole life has been a lie. Shine 02:02, 23 October 2014 (CEST)
Man, that really sucks! I was hoping for multicolor. Toa Green Ninja - Bearer of the Mask of Spinjitzu (talk) 02:27, 23 October 2014 (CEST)


Any chance those files contained a better version of File:Golden Kanohi.png? This one is serviceable at smaller sizes, but looks pretty grainy when blown up (was it a scan?). -- I AM THE DOREK do not truffle with me 11:21, 24 October 2014 (CEST)

Afraid not. The CDs are about empty now. And yeah, I think it was a scan. Shine 11:22, 24 October 2014 (CEST)
Nuts. Ah well. I'll probably throw up the "needs better image" template if that's still around. -- I AM THE DOREK do not truffle with me 11:47, 24 October 2014 (CEST)


Hi Shine. It's been a while. How have you been? KH Talk | Contributions (If any) 07:26, 28 December 2014 (CET)

I'm doing pretty well. You? •Shine 10:35, 28 December 2014 (CET)
Pretty good. College is so much better than high school. KH Talk | Contributions (If any) 04:41, 31 December 2014 (CET)

Tahu Combiner

So, you're probably already on this, but I thought I'd ask anyhow: I have a usable(?) image of that new Tahu/Protector Combo model from the LEGO Club site. Can we use it anywhere on the wiki yet? Obitor (Talk) 22:58, 30 December 2014 (CET)

Define "usable" :U
Anyway, I don't see why not. It'll probably end up in the alternate models gallery, but still. -- Dorek Talk External Image 23:24, 30 December 2014 (CET)
"Usable" in that I think it's wiki-grade quality, but Shine might be able to whip (or already has whipped) up some super-HD version of it. :3
I just don't want to upload it if A) it's just going to sit around wasting space while we wait for G1/G2 categorization stuff, and B) ^what I just said^. Obitor (Talk) 23:32, 30 December 2014 (CET)
Well, we can always get a better one if not (I'm sure it's fine). Not gonna say it'll have a use somewhere necessarily (besides the aforementioned gallery) but it'd be nice to have. -- Dorek Talk External Image 23:41, 30 December 2014 (CET)
Done. :D Obitor (Talk) 00:03, 31 December 2014 (CET)


Sweeeet. Not entirely sure on the square, though, think we could do horizontal instead? 1x3, etc.

(also, colors!) -- Dorek Talk External Image 21:51, 2 January 2015 (CET)

It was horizontal to begin with, but it gets really wide with more than two sets. I don't think it should be any larger than an infobox so people with smaller screens won't have to read a narrow column of text.
Did you have something in mind for the color? I tried out a few BS01y blues but they didn't look that good. Though the gray isn't very nice either. •Shine 01:52, 3 January 2015 (CET)

So I was thinking horizontal and centered, so that way it could go above (or below, I guess) the entire section. Was intended to be more like a nav than an infobox, if that makes sense.

As for colors... dunno. I was originally thinking year colors, but since they'll all be in the same template, doesn't quite work for characters like Tahu. Maybe just whatever their current BG color is?

Also I'm gonna upload images of their canisters which typically have a white background, so that way it looks better. -- Dorek Talk External Image 02:12, 3 January 2015 (CET)

I don't know if I can do that nicely but I'll try. The div tag needed to get those beveled corners is annoying to work with.
BG color looks nice. On Tahu at least.
Could you name them all as setnumber.png so I can remove the {{{set#name}}} bits on the template and automate it? •Shine 03:23, 3 January 2015 (CET)

Haha, fair enough.

Yeah, I can upload them as their set numbers. Although for combiners and things, do filenames accept + symbols? -- Dorek Talk External Image 03:33, 3 January 2015 (CET)

Seems like it. •Shine 03:35, 3 January 2015 (CET)

Sounds good then. -- Dorek Talk External Image 03:37, 3 January 2015 (CET)

Think I got it how you wanted it now. Anything else that needs changing? •Shine 16:04, 3 January 2015 (CET)

Nope, all looks amazing to me. Thanks man. -- Dorek Talk External Image 20:07, 3 January 2015 (CET)


Why are we using that again? -- Dorek Talk External Image 20:06, 5 January 2015 (CET)

I dunno. Saw someone do it shortly after I came back and figured that was how we did it now. •Shine 20:21, 5 January 2015 (CET)

I recall there being a reason for it, but I can't figure out what or why, so... just seems whack to me.

Also you can totally make a second sandbox if you want. Make hundreds. THOUSANDS even.

Also also you're no fun (although the gear picture does work a lot better. -- Dorek Talk External Image 21:37, 6 January 2015 (CET)

Also also ALSO I don't think the Kraata checklist allows for this the way it is, but do you think including the respective colored Kraata on the Rahkshi pages would be a cool idea? Just above the A&T section or something. -- Dorek Talk External Image 21:49, 6 January 2015 (CET)
Thinking about it again, it might have been to reduce the strain on the server when the welcome template was edited. There wouldn't be tons of pages it was used on to update if it was substed out instead. Keeping instances of that template up to date isn't super important anyway, so I can see substing it out being acceptable.
I'd like not to use the Kraata from the checklist on any mainspace pages since they're fanmade. There are images of the six primary types on Kraata Variations though, so maybe those could be used instead. I've actually got large, high quality versions of those sitting around, but they're on black backgrounds and I've been procrastinating on cutting them out to put on white. •Shine 01:35, 7 January 2015 (CET)

Makes sense. Not entirely user friendly, since they have a bunch of barfed up code on their pages, but it works.

Oh, those are fanmade? Thought they were official rips, just tweaked to have color inputs. Cool regardless. And yeah, maybe I'll use those ones we have then (Rahkshi of Heat Vision is outta luck). -- Dorek Talk External Image 02:01, 7 January 2015 (CET)

I guess they're closer to what you said, but I'd still consider that fanmade. •Shine 02:54, 7 January 2015 (CET)

At that point I'm just willing to roll with it, but if you don't want to, no biggie. -- Dorek Talk External Image 03:01, 7 January 2015 (CET)

"Conflict of" vs. "Conflict Between"

As ET points out, Conflict Between X and X is more appropriate than Conflict of X and X. The plan was that that page be made that way to see how it works, and then modify the others to match later. --Master of the Rahkshi Ask, and ye shall receive. Eventually. 22:50, 7 January 2015 (CET)

Ah ok. Sounds better anyway. •Shine 22:52, 7 January 2015 (CET)

Quotes Image

Trying to add "needs quotes" and "needs better quotes" sections to the Need template (I hate it I hate it I hate it), do you have the old quotes image we used to use? -- Dorek Talk External Image 07:10, 14 January 2015 (CET)

Uhhhhh. Was it this? I can't remember, but that's the only thing I've got that makes any sense for it. •Shine 23:40, 14 January 2015 (CET)
Huh, no, but that's not half bad =P. It was some generic quotation marks, as far as I remember. Nevermind, then. -- Dorek Talk External Image 23:43, 14 January 2015 (CET)

"Included In"

So I'm thinking for the setbox, there should be a way of noting when something isn't the primary focus of the set (like the Master Builder and Fikou, or Antroz and Jetrax, etc.) but is still included as a model. What would be the best way to do that? I toyed around with the idea of having two setbox templates that ran next to each other, but that seems overly complicated. -- Dorek Talk External Image 05:11, 20 January 2015 (CET)

I might not be getting what you mean. Wouldn't putting "(Alternate model)" or "(Included in)" work fine?
Also where did you get that Tahu canister image from? I want them for the other Mata but the only ones I can find are really small. •Shine 05:17, 20 January 2015 (CET)
I suppose just adding an "included in" tag would be simplest, I was just wondering if there maybe adding in an extra field to the Setbox would look nicer somehow, or something.
As for the Tahu canister... google. This one in particular came from Amazon, and they're spotty with older products like that, so I don't think there are any other good ones. I just shop around on google for a while until I find the best one for these setbox pics, but for older ones there just aren't going to be many available =/. -- Dorek Talk External Image 05:21, 20 January 2015 (CET)
Nothing came to mind immediately. I'll think on it though. I could make it accept stuff like set1included=yes and have it put up the (Included in) itself, but that wouldn't look any better.
Dang, all Amazon's other ones are garbage. I was hoping there was some site I hadn't found that had them. •Shine 05:29, 20 January 2015 (CET)
The gravelbox is gonna end up as a thing that arranges/resizes up to 6 (This is the highest number of sets that any combiner uses, right?) box images into a 100x100px square to go in the setbox. The black Fikou thing bugged me. •Shine 05:35, 20 January 2015 (CET)
Mmkay. Dunno, just wanted something more than a small "included in" addendum, but maybe it's the best solution.
Unfortunately not. I totally just remembered Toywiz, though, and it looks like some of theirs might be better? At the very least, they have a good record of all the canister pics, so it's a starting point. A lot of them are probably just going to end up being not that great.
Ah, cool, gotcha. Yeah, six should be the max (Turaga Nui). -- Dorek Talk External Image 05:47, 20 January 2015 (CET)



Since Swert is being unhelpful, could you tweak the spoiler template so that it shows/hides based on a click? Swert won't reinstall the extension, but he said to use whatever it is we currently use for show/hide functions, and the only thing I can think of that uses it is Template:SetsNav. Doable? -- Dorek Talk External Image 06:16, 27 January 2015 (CET)

Not sure. That show/hide function seems like it can only be applied to tables. Does the spoilered stuff need to be inline with the surrounding text or is it always its own section? •Shine 21:45, 29 January 2015 (CET)
It's usually inline. A table would be fine, or something I can use as a template. -- Dorek Talk External Image 21:49, 29 January 2015 (CET)

Another Project


Since the Okoto map is way too big to be helpful and the thumbnail will remain perennially broken (Swert says it's because it's CMYK based? Whatever) could you maybe use that set combiner template thing you made to create a spliced together version? It could be like an interactive map or something.

Also could you get a non-crappy version of the LOSS comic from the online instructions? -- Dorek Talk External Image 01:28, 21 February 2015 (CET)