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Welcome to the BIONICLE Sector 01 Tutorial. If you haven't already, please read the Introduction so you are ready to read this tutorial. Following reading this tutorial, you will know basic skills and knowledge that you will need to know as a user.

The pages in this tutorial will discuss important features of Wiki software, what style and what kind of content, info about the BS01 Wiki community, or important policies and conventions.

Please note that this is a tutorial, and won't go into great deal about specific topics. In this tutorial, there are links to other pages that give more detailed descriptions of info. If you still don't see what you are looking for, then visit the help page, which can be accessed on the bar at the left of the screen.

You will see links to "sandbox" pages where you can edit and experiment what you are learning.

Note: This Tutorial assumes you are using the default page layout. If you are logged in and have changed your preferences, the location of links on the screen may be different.

Ready? OK, let's begin!