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BS01 Wiki provides user's pages to facilitate communication among participants in the project.

If your username is Example:

  • Your user page is the page at User:Example.
  • Your user talk page is the page at User talk:Example
  • Your user subpages, are pages of the form User:Example/Sub-Page or User talk:Example/Sub-Page.
  • Your user space is the collection of all the above.

Details about yourself generally should not go in the main namespace, which is reserved for encyclopedic and reference content.

What can I have on my user page?

Whatever you like, within some reasonable boundaries.

A good start is to add a little information about yourself, possibly including contact information (email, instant messaging, etc), a photograph, your real name, your location, information about your areas of expertise and interest, likes and dislikes, other homepages, and so forth. Obviously, this will depend on how comfortable you are with respect to privacy.

You can also use your user page to help you use the BS01 Wiki more effectively: so you can use it to list "to do" information, work in progress, reminders, useful links, and so forth. It's also good for experimenting with markup (a personal BIONICLEsector01:Sandbox).

Another use is to let people know about your activities and opinions on BS01 Wiki. So you might include current plans, a journal of recent activities on BS01 Wiki, and your opinions on how certain BS01 Wiki articles or policies should be changed. If you won't be editing the BS01 Wiki for a while, drop a note on your user page to that effect.

You might want to add quotes that you like, or a picture, or some of your favorite BS01 Wiki articles or images, or something like that. In the unlikely event that your editing privileges on BS01 Wiki are revoked, a notice of this may be placed on your user page.

In general, avoid substantially editing another's user page without their permission, but feel free to correct typos and other mistakes. Some users are fine with their user pages being edited, and may even have a note to that effect. Other users may object and ask you not to edit their user pages, and it is probably sensible to respect their requests. The best option is to draw their attention to the matter on their talk page and let them edit their user page themselves if they agree on a need to do so.

Generally, you should avoid substantial content on your user page that is unrelated to BS01 Wiki. BS01 Wiki is not a general hosting service, so your user page is not a personal homepage. Your page is about you as a contributor and Bionicle fan. Note that the user pages are often reached through user signatures on talk pages.

What about user subpages?

If you need more pages, you can create subpages. More or less, you can have anything here that you might have on your user or user talk page.


  • a work in progress, until it is ready to be released
  • archives of user talk:
  • tests; for testing a template, make it a separate subpage.

What should I avoid?

Generally, you should avoid any substantial content that is unrelated to the BS01 wiki. Examples include:

  • A blog or journal
  • Extensive discussion not related to the BS01 Wiki
  • Excessive personal information (more than a couple of pages)
  • Opinion pieces not related to BS01 Wiki or other non-encyclopedic material
  • Communications with people uninvolved with the project

Free and low-cost web hosting, email, and blog services are widely available, and are a good alternative for content unrelated to the BS01 Wiki. You might also want to consider Brickshelf for hosting services. For discussion, use BZPower.

Redirecting your userpage to another page (other than your talk page or a subpage of your user page) is frowned on by some people. Doing so makes it difficult to follow links to your userpage and thus to leave you messages or to look at your contributions. The exception, of course, is if you redirect the userpage for an older account name of yours to the userpage of your current name.

Use of page protection for user pages

Vandalism on userpages from other users is not possible on this Wiki, only you and the staff are able to edit your userpage and sub pages. Spamming your own userpage may still count as vandalism, and will be dealt with in the same way as other forms of spam. However, vandalism is still possible on talk pages. Usually such vandalism should merely be reverted. Blocks should be used for repeat vandalism of talk pages, where policy permits. In rare cases, protection may be used but is considered a last resort given the importance of talk page discussions to the project.

Protected pages in user space should be unprotected as soon as practical.


If the community lets you know that they'd rather you deleted some or other content from your user space, you should probably do so, at least for now - such content is only permitted with the consent of the community. After you've been here for a year or so, and written lots of great articles, the community may be more inclined to let you get away with it. Alternatively, you could move the content to another site, and link to it.

If you do not co-operate, we will eventually simply remove inappropriate content, either by editing the page (if only part of it is inappropriate), or by redirecting it to your main user page (if it is entirely inappropriate). In excessive cases, your user subpage may be deleted, subject to deletion policy. Please do not recreate content deleted in this way: doing so is grounds for immediate re-deletion (see candidates for speedy deletion). Instead, please respect our judgment about what is and is not appropriate.