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Spherus Magna

  • Thornax - A potentially explosive fruit often used as ammunition. It can also be made into a stew.
  • Trees, vines and other plants that make up the region surrounding Tesara.
  • Airweed - A type of seaweed filled with air sacs and found in the waters of the Pit.
  • Seaweed - A plant which grows in the sea surrounding Mata Nui.

Matoran Universe

  • Acid Grass - A highly corrosive plant that can be found living on The Mountain on Xia.
  • Bamboo - A common plant found on Mata Nui which can be used to make several different tools.
  • Bula - A green berry that grew on Mata Nui, and was famous for its ability to restore energy.
  • Harakeke - A plant used in the making of Flax.
  • Lightvine - A Light-producing vine found in Karda Nui and Metru Nui.
  • Lilypads - A water-plant that grew in Naho Bay on which Ga-Koro was built.
  • Madu - A coconut-like fruit that is known to explode.
  • Spiked Dagger Plant - A deadly plant found on Zakaz, sometimes used by the Skakdi as a torture device.
  • Swamp Tree - A particular species of tree that grew primarily in Le-Wahi.
  • Vuata Maca - A tree that provided energy for a Koro on Mata Nui.

Sentient Plants

  • Karzahni - A prototype of the Morbuzakh that Teridax later abandoned; the Karzahni planned its revenge and was both enemy and ally to the Toa Metru.
  • Morbuzakh - A powerful and intelligent plant created by Teridax when he tried to take over Metru Nui.
  • Daikau - A carnivorous plant that mainly fed on insects and small birds, though it would also attack Matoran if one came too close. It could be found sporadically around Mata Nui, but primarily in Le-Wahi. Matoran regard it as a Rahi because of its vague sentience.