Bohrok-Kal Shields

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Bohrok-Kal Shields

Tahnok-Kal using its Electric Shields
Users Bohrok
Function Focus the user's powers
Melee combat
Status Destroyed

Bohrok-Kal Shields are tools wielded by the six Bohrok-Kal. Each Bohrok-Kal channeled its powers through a pair of the shields.[1] The shields could also be used defensively[2] or for melee combat.[3] The shields were eventually destroyed alongside their bearers.

List of Shields

Name Picture User Function
Electric Shield
Power Shield[2]
Tahnok-Kal Release hundreds of thousands of volts at once[4]
Magnetic Shield Gahlok-Kal Create a magnetic force field capable of resisting Tahu Nuva's full power, or be used to generate devastating offensive power[5][2]
Vacuum Shield Lehvak-Kal Absorb and hold a large amount of air for a long period of time before releasing it in a powerful blast[6]
Plasma Shield Pahrak-Kal Emit a stream of superheated plasma at a temperature of roughly 2,000 degrees[7]
Gravity Shield Nuhvok-Kal Completely eliminate gravity in a large area or increase it by up to 1,000 times[8]
Sonic Shield Kohrak-Kal Create a sonic barrier that responds to blows with a sound so loud it can stun a Toa Nuva[9]

Example Usage

In "A Matter of Time...", Nuhvok-Kal used the Gravity Shields to pin Toa Nuva Tahu to the ground and send his troop of Tahnok into orbit around Aqua Magna.

Set Information

A life-sized Electric Shield toy and the shield in set form

The six Bohrok-Kal sets released in 2003 each contain a pair of Bohrok-Kal Shields. Each shield is composed of a single LEGO element. The following year, LEGO released a foam Electric Shield as part of its line of life-sized toys.


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