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"Look at that. He must have tangled with the sonic shield of the Kohrak-Kal."
Kopaka, Makuta's Revenge

Sonic Shield
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Users Kohrak-Kal (formerly)
Function Channeling its Sonics powers
Melee combat
Status Destroyed

Kohrak-Kal using the Sonic Shields to destroy Exo-Toa

The Sonic Shields were shields used by Kohrak-Kal to focus its power over Sonics. The shields could create a powerful sonic barrier that responded to blows with a burst of sound so loud it could stun even a Toa Nuva.[1] It could also make objects stress and shatter[2] and create solid objects made of sound.[1] The shields could also function as melee weapons or be used for defense.

The shields were disintegrated when Kohrak-Kal lost control of its powers.

A Sonic Shield in the comics

Example Usage

In A Matter of Time..., Kohrak-Kal used the Sonic Shields to blast an Exo-Toa apart.

Set Information

Two Sonic Shields were included in 8575 Kohrak-Kal in early 2003.