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70792 Skull Slicer


Review: 70792 Skull Slicer

He slices, he dices, he makes Julienne fries, but is he a worthy opponent for the Toa? Let's find out.

The Box

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It's a pretty similar box setup to what we got in the earlier half of the year. This one has a really good design, though. Ol' Slicey's well-posed on the front, and you can see what he's all about on the back. From his Mask Grabber to his reckless abandon of personal safety, you can tell that this guy means business.

The Bits

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Look at it all -- it's basically just limbs and gears. You know there's going to be some funky building ahead.

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2015 is like the year of exciting transparent parts. Check out all that transparent green and orange.

"*Ring ring* Hello, this is the Ice Planet line from 1993 calling about some misappropriated parts!"

Who is this? How did you get this number? This set is for children 7-14 -- they won't get that reference!

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This set brought to you by the Galactic Trade Federation, apparently.

The Build

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Look at him, he's such a good villain. Transparent green, evil mask, dangerous swords, unusual number of limbs -- he's got it all. He's like an evil Machamp or a less-asthmatic General Grievous or a slightly less-dead Nocturn.

He's super posable and totally rocks the transparent green, and the four arms just work. You could definitely stage some really fun duels between him and Lewa.

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Alas, this set is not without its flaws. While I applaud the folks down at Lego for coming up with a creative four-armed gear function, it's just ridiculous with that chain. It flips and flops all over the place and gets tangled up. And it's like, why didn't they just do some 3-armed gear function? I'd have still been impressed! BUT YOU OVEREXTENDED AND YOU BLEW IT! WAY TO GOOOOOO!

The Brass Tacks

Should I get this set?

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  Good for people who like:

*Spooky scary sets - The Mask of Skull Spiders perfects what is perhaps the most unsettling set of the wave
*Play features - four arms means fours times the fun! Or something.
*Colors done right - Trans-orange and trans-green make for weird bedfellows, but it works.
  Not for those looking for:

*Fully utilized features - The chain looks cool, but doesn't really add to the playability aspect.
  Other Comments:

No but seriously, I can live with the chain thing. This is such an evil-looking set, the Mask of Skull Spiders is downright terrifying with those orange eyes and creepy skeletal arms. I'm certain it's possible to make modifications if the gears really bother you, but this is such a good looking set, your 2015 collection could not be considered complete without it.

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