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70794 Skull Scorpio

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Review: 70794 Skull Scorpio

Since apparently random animals can also be a part of some undead army, today we look at Skull Scorpio. Can he claw his way to the top, or is his sting lacking some venom?

The Box

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Skull Scorpio is obviously a very different beast (literally and figuratively) from the rest of the sets, and it shows. It's actually kind of cool how much space he takes up on the boxart; with humanoids, there's a lot of larger patches of empty space, but Skull Scorpio definitely dominates the landscape.

And since this might just be my last chance to complain (fingers crossed) I will remind everyone that these boxes are icky and weak. I don't necessarily want to see canisters back (whatever's best for the environment is something I can get behind) but surely they can think of something less shoddy than these thin cardboard strips.

The Bits

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Look at all that Technic! This is probably the most Technic-intensive set of the new wave, barring the Lord of Skull Spiders. And like Basher before him, Scorpio also doesn't include any gears. What he does have, though, is a rubber band. I'll admit I've missed rubber bands in sets, since they're a good indication of a nifty play feature. In this case, the rubber band is blue, which is a first for me; I've never gotten a set that I can recall with this specific size of band. There's also a few Bohrok eyes, which are nice to see; they made their return with Pohatu, so it creates a nice bit of consistency since these sets are meant to be paired.

The Build

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Scorpio being a non-humanoid, anything we saw before in terms of build goes out the window. Here we start off with a wide frame using assorted liftarms and axle connectors. It's very refreshing to have this kind of build, and is reminiscent of the Rahi from 2001 (and won't be the last we see of that inspiration either). I'm glad we could get more than one non-humanoid type in this rebooted year, the diversity is very welcoming.

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Of course, we run into one of Skull Scorpio's biggest problems AS a non-humanoid... the legs. Much like LOSS, Scorpio isn't allowed to have articulated hips, since they might collapse under his own weight. Instead, we get six of the horn/wing/bone/whatever pieces that were introduced by Hero Factory and Chima in 2014. The overall look is nice; the segmented sections of the part give an appropriately unsettling "dead arachnid" feel. It just restricts the posing factor, and essentially directs all of the focus toward the function.

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But we're not there quite yet. Scorpio gets some claws, befitting his real-world inspiration. As with many of the Skull villains, this is where we see the trans-orange bits that are their unified accenting color. It's a cool addition, but the claws don't extend too far, and since Pohatu throws boomerangs, it makes you wonder what else Scorpio has that can really be a threat.

Shout-out to the skeletal torso piece. I mentioned in an earlier review that it might lack versatility, but while it more or less functions the same here, just the placement also makes it look good as a carapace for this undead crabthing.

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Finally, we reach the pièce de résistance, the stinger tail (save your tired Vorox jokes, I've heard them all). I gotta say, the wait was worth it; the function is completely ridiculous and yet so very fun at the same time. Simple enough; press the lever, the two tail halves snap together and grab a mask. It has a very good reach, thanks to some added bone parts, although it can be a bit awkward to use at its max extension. It also doesn't hold necessarily well, although I imagine that's another reason why the legs are completely fixed into place.

But, when you get down to it, it's very much a "Rahi" function; unabashedly goofy and made to bring a smile to your face, as you try and bring down those pesky Toa.

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Skull Scorpio bears a Bull Skull Mask identical to Basher's. The lack of a recolor for that is disappointing; realistically Basher should have gotten a gunmetal version to go with his armor, but here we are. Scorpio also comes with a dual-colored Mask of Stone, which he can wear appropriately; since Pohatu has the same transparent colors as a secondary, they make a good match.

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I was able to get my hands on one of the exclusive transparent Skull Scorpio masks from San Diego Comic Con, so I thought I'd model it here. Complements the overall look very well; unlike some other sets, where it might be a bit overpowering, the transparent here adds just the right amount to Skull Scorpio, and helps him have a different mask from Basher as well. If you can afford to splurge, it's one of the more appealing exclusive masks of the year, in relation to the figure it's supposed to go with.

The Brass Tacks

Should I get this set?

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  Good for people who like:

*Old-school Rahi - Scorpio is very much a spiritual successor to the Nui-Jaga, in both good ways and bad.
*Non-humanoids - One of the more alternative builds of the wave, Scorpio adds some much needed diversity
  Not for those looking for:

*Playability - Stinger tail aside, Scorpio doesn't move a lot
*Interesting parts - Beyond the recolored torso piece (and I guess the legs?) Scorpio doesn't offer much that you can't acquire elsewhere
  Other Comments:

Get the SDCC mask if you can, makes him look so much better. --Dorek

Good or bad? Different, is the answer. Scorpio diverges wildly from the other Skull Creatures, but also brings the "creature" aspect to the fore, which is very much worth it. His functionality might be his only asset, but it's a heck of an asset; you can't help but love snapping the tail at people. By virtue alone of doing something unique, Skull Scorpio earns a place in my recommendations, even if he's far from being perfect.

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