Plasma Shield

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Plasma Shield
Plasma Shield.PNG
Users Pahrak-Kal (formerly)
Function Channeling its Plasma powers
Producing heat
Melee combat
Status Destroyed

The Plasma Shield in use

The Plasma Shields were twin shields used by Pahrak-Kal to channel its Elemental Power. They could produce waves of intense heat, enough to reduce any object to a molten state. They could also be used to produce a blast of Plasma at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees.[1] The shields could also function as melee weapons or be used for defense.

The shields were destroyed when the Toa Nuva overloaded Pahrak-Kal's power, causing it to melt through the ground.

A Plasma Shield in the comics

Example Usage

In A Matter of Time... and the Pahrak-Kal Promo Animation, Pahrak-Kal used its Plasma Shields (in the comic) or only one Plasma Shield (in the animation) to destroy the rock barrier leading to the lair of the Bahrag.

Set Information

The two Plasma Shields were released in 8577 Pahrak-Kal in early 2003.