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I think there is a mistake on site. Trivia section says: "Marendar likely has elemental powers". based on this quote,18

Later this question is asked again ( person asking even seems to adresses the quote above) and Greg says Marendar does not have elemental powers.,16

And every quote since and many before say marendars powers are unspecified or greg did not know or hadn't decided.(The preceding unsigned comment was made by Geetonguga)

"Likely," which is what he said. In the latter quote he is not saying Marendar doesn't, just that it was never defined. Also, please leave a signature after your comment, using
. ~ Wolk (talk) 01:09, 4 December 2021 (UTC)

Ah, Sorry. I shall endevour to do so in the future. I am a long time reader, first time writer.

I am not going to make this a long reddit yelling contest (not a lot of back and forth). But I think "likely" is wrong word to be used.

Greg did not state Marendars "likely" has elemental powers, Greg only "guessed" Marendar could have them and when asked again specifically about elemental powers, he said Marendar's powers were not defined out. And ever since he has basically said he does not know since he never imagined them, repeatedly. If elemental powers were a stongly associated with Marendar he would have said so. He repeat multiple times for example that Marendar is indeed a humanoid for example.

the Latest thing he has said about Marendar is "Greg Farshtey imagined Marendar eliminating the Toa similarly to how the Sentinels eliminate Mutants in Marvel's X-Men comics. Marendar would adapt to and resist the Toa's elements before killing them with specialized weaponry". Quite expansive description and no elemental powers are mentioned.

Sentinels in Marvel comics do not posess superpowers besides their robotic brains, lasers and limited shapeshifting. They do not copy the powers like Superadaptoid and a.m.a.z.o do.

Since this still does not rule out the possibility that Marendar has elemental powers as stated in his "guess", I propose the trivia section should state "Greg guesses Marendar can have elemental powers" or "Greg does not know what Marendars powers are, since he never wrote that part of the story, but he has said elemental powers are not out of the possibilities"

I must admid I am a little bit biased since I am going to take part in the competition and for 11 years I thought Marendar did not have elemental powers and build accordingly. A lot of people have done so too.

This was a rather long set of text but no vorries I am not indenting to make this an extendet discussion where I only argue for the sake of arguing. That would not be constructive.

Geetonguga (talk) 20:52, 20 December 2021 (UTC)