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"Tahu looked around the villagers. His head held many questions, but no memory of who he was or what he was capable of."
— Narrator, The Arrival

Comic Master Tahu Retrieving Gold Mask.png
Mask Mask of Fire
Element Fire
Tools Fire Blades
Golden Swords
Status Alive
Location Okoto
Set number 70787

Tahu is one of the six destined Toa, foretold in the Prophecy of Heroes, and the Master of Fire.


Tahu and the other Toa were summoned by the Protectors and crash landed on Okoto. Tahu crashed in the Region of Fire and was greeted by the Protector of Fire and his people. Tahu had forgotten his identity, and was confused by his situation. The Protector of Fire informed him of his destiny as foretold by the Prophecy of Heroes, but Tahu insisted that he knew nothing about defeating evil. During the conversation, several Skull Spiders attacked, and Tahu effortlessly defeated them, leaving the watching villagers in awe. The Protector of Fire then prepared for travel and instructed Tahu to follow him.

For weeks, Tahu traveled with the Protector of Fire to Okoto's greatest volcano. Within its crater lay the Golden Mask of Fire, which Tahu recovered while the Protector of Fire fended off several Skull Spiders.

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The Golden Mask granted Tahu fire powers, which he used to defeat several Skull Spiders. He then received a message from Ekimu, the Mask Maker, through the Golden Mask, telling him to go to the ancient city.

There, Tahu joined with Kopaka, Gali, Pohatu, Onua, and Lewa, the other Toa, all of whom had found golden masks of their own. Tahu and Kopaka had a brief fight over the leadership of the team, which Onua and Gali broke up. The team was attacked by the Lord of Skull Spiders, whom they defeated. They received another vision from Ekimu and then proceeded into the ancient city.

Abilities and Traits

Tahu wielding his Fire Blades

Like his element, Tahu is hot-headed, hot-tempered, and feels driven to be the best. He believes he is the most heroic of his teammates, but also has a knack for getting into trouble due to a forgetful nature. However, he possesses a sense of luck that often sees him through these trials.[1]

Tahu possesses elemental control of Fire. Additionally, he has a natural heat resistance. Tahu likes to dwell in the volcanic mountains of Okoto.[2]

Tahu's signature moves are Lava Dash and Flame Spin.[2]

Mask and Tools

Tahu bears the Mask of Fire.

He wields two Fire Blades that combine to form a Lava Surfboard as his primary weapons. He also carries two smaller Golden Swords as secondary weapons.

Set Information

70787 Tahu - Master of Fire was released in the Winter 2015 product wave as one of the titan-sized Toa sets, containing 89 pieces, including a golden version of his mask and a yellowish-green Skull Spider.


"Where am I? Who am I?"
"You are Tahu, the Master of Fire. You have been sent to us."
"What are you talking about? Why would I be sent here?"
"Evil is rising, and you are here to defeat it."
"Me? What do I know about defeating evil?
— Tahu and the Protector of Fire, The Arrival

"My strength will burn away the enemy."
— Tahu, 2015 Character Animations


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