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I'm Ignika275 and I tend to edit tablets that need urgent editing and needs an update in them. I'm not always logged in, but I do what I can do. Below are the tablets so far that I have managed to update them from not being a stub. The pages I will update come from O:RAC and I can sometimes be located through the voting for deletion votes tablet & Articles for Creation.


I'm Ignika275 and as you can see from the Lego BIONICLE Sets I have below, inluding rare's you can probably guess I'm a BIONICLE Fan and this certainly true. My first encounter with BIONICLE came in the form of a LEGO Magazine from my local Newsagent where I saw the Toa Mata Sets. First I was sceptical at these (at the time) robots, but after a friend gave me Tahu Mata and Gali Mata, I saw that these are cool and decided to follow the storyline.

After these many years, I'm still here and what an achievement. It wasn't till late of the middle of the Autumn 07 did I discover this Wiki, I joined up on the very first day of 2008 and never regretted this one bit. As I had time, I went through and discovered many tablets (articles) and found some could do with new up-to-date information and that was when I joined BS01.

My first contribution was Balta on 16/04/08 at 01:24.

Tablets Contributed to

These are the Tablets I have contributed to and updated:

1. Balta

01:24, 16/04/08

Adding a more in-depth biography after a request.

2. Battle for the Kanohi Avohkii

15:35, 10/08/08

Adding an Aftermath Section after a request

3. Le-Metru

01:35, 22/08/08

Adding a History Section after a request.

4. Order of Mata Nui

12:00 - 12:04, 22/08/08

Adding an updated story line importance about the Toa Hagah in 'Known Actions'. The quote is 'Sent the Toa Hagah in search of Teridax, with Zaktan acting as a guide.'

5. Po-Metru

16:57, 22/08/08

Adding a more in-depth 'History' Section after a request.

6. Onu-Metru

18:37, 22/08/08

Adding a more in-depth 'History' Section after a request.

7. Ko-Metru

19:33, 22/08/08

Adding a History Section after a request.

8. Icarax

13:05, 30/08/08

Adding "Mentioned Only" bit to Icarax's appreance in BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets, it was only mentioned by Bitil he was devovled by Toa Ignika, this wouldn't be a physical appreance.

9. Antroz

01:19, 31/08/08

Adding in Antroz's invovlement in the Endgame Comic as a spoiler about following the Toa Nuva and hijacking the Jetrax T6.

10. Axalara T9

01:30, 31/08/08

Adding in the Axalara T9's discovery.

11. Chirox

17:04, 04/12/08

Adding in a 'Forms' section for Chirox after I questionned since Antroz has one with three forms, Chirox took the form of a bat to invade Karda Nui, another to take control of an Exo-Toa and his Antidermis began to leak after being attacked by Takanuva.