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ADVANCE is a creative advertising agency based in Denmark, known for their extensive work with LEGO, and BIONICLE in particular.


ADVANCE was formed in 1976 and remains privately owned. Shortly after its founding, ADVANCE began its partnership with LEGO.[1]


When LEGO was developing the BIONICLE intellectual property, ADVANCE was hired to serve as creative partners, as they had also worked on LEGO's previous constraction attempt, the Throwbots. One of their employees, Christian Faber, was also included as a part of the story team to help shape the direction of the BIONICLE franchise.

2015 Reboot

After BIONICLE's cancellation, ADVANCE continued to work with LEGO on several of their product lines, including BIONICLE's successor Hero Factory, as well as their young female-oriented LEGO Friends line. When BIONICLE was reconceptualized and rebooted, ADVANCE was included as part of the reboot, consulting on the BIONICLE Webisodes.


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