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There! You now know the most important things needed for contributing to the BS01 Wiki. Any comments or feedback on this tutorial? Feel like something wasn't explained well enough, or want to know about something that isn't here? Let us know by dropping a comment on this page's talk page.

Of course, one can always learn more. We've tried to keep this tutorial short so that you can start editing as easily as possible, but that means there are lots of topics we haven't covered. The links below are pages you might find useful as you continue your work on the Wiki.

If you see something below that interests you, or that you know will be particularly relevant to your work here, go ahead and read it, or bookmark it and come back later.

Advice and general information

  • BIONICLEsector01:Welcome explains the site and what to do here.
  • Examples of some of BIONICLEsector01's best articles, based on these criteria.

Specialized tutorials

Style and technique references

Community and Policy References