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Creating Signatures Tutorial

What is a signature?

A Signature, or sig, is what Wiki members use to sign their talk page comments with.

Rules and Guidelines

  • All members are asked to sign their comments, and can do so in three different ways;
  1. Manually typing it with each comment.
  2. Creating one with Wiki Coding or images and saving the code in your preferences.
  3. Leaving your preferences blank and using a default one.

Creating Signatures

With only the first three or four steps, a standard signature can be made from these suggestions. The user in this example will be called "member." You may make your own sig by copying the code into your preferences and changing Member to your username.

Stlye Code Product
A signature can be as simple as plain text Member Member
Dashes or tildes are commonly used before a member's name in their sig ~Member, --Member ~Member, --Member
Piped links are very popular and useful [[User:Member|~Member]] ~Member
Italics and bold text can be used inside the pipe link [[User:Member|~''Member'']], [[User:Member|~'''Member''']] ~Member, ~Member
Adding colors [[User:Member|~''<font color="blue">Member</font>'']] ~Member
Adding background color [[User:Member|~''<font color="blue" style="background:lightgreen">Member</font>'']] ~Member
"Elevating" text <sup>[[User:Member|~''<font color="blue" style="background:lightgreen">Member</font>'']]</sup> Blah ~Member
"Lowering" text <sub>[[User:Member|~''<font color="blue" style="background:lightgreen">Member</font>'']]</sub> Blah ~Member

Further Assistance

Members with the following badges will be able to assist you. To see the list of members, simply click on the image and scroll down to the list at the bottom of the page.