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External Images

Advanced Functions of the <img> Tag

The <img> tag can be 'hacked' using HTML attributes. Since things inside the <img> tag are placed inside the HTML tag like this: <img src="STUFF">, placing a " after the URL ends the src attribute and you can then add attributes after it.


Attribute Description Coding Example
alt Used to describe images. The default alt text is "Non-BS01 Image".
<img>URL" alt="TEXT"</img>
External Image
style='border: ;' Adds a border around an image.
<img>URL" style='border: #px solid #000000;'</img>
External Image
width=" " height=" " Makes images bigger and smaller. Only one of the two is required.
<img>URL" width="#px" height="#px"</img>
External Image
onmouseover="this.src=' '" Changes the image when the mouse goes on top of it.
<img>URL1" onmouseover="this.src='URL2'"</img>
External Image
onmouseover="this.src=' '" '" onmouseout="this.src=' '" Changes the image when the mouse goes on top of it, then changes it back when the mouse isn't on top of it.
<img>URL1" onmouseover="this.src='URL2'" onmouseout="this.src='URL1'"</img>
External Image
onclick="this.src=' '" Changes the image when it is clicked on.
<img>URL1" onclick="this.src='URL2'"</img>
External Image

*It is not necessary to use width and height, if desired, you can use just width or just height

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