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"Special" Pages Tutorial

What are Special Pages?

"Special" pages are pages on the wiki which starts with the namespace "Special". These pages are integrated into the MediaWiki software, and can not be deleted. These pages provides various functions for members and staff.

Recent Changes

The Recent Changes page is arguably the most important of all special pages. This page displays all the edits made by members, along with most actions performed by the staff. (Blocking, moving pages, protecting pages etc.) The page also allows a person to check through different edits made by other members, to ensure the level of accuracy on the articles.

The page also allows members to spot any vandalizm or actions with malicious intents.

Random Page

The Random Page is a wiki function which, when a person clicks on the link, would automatically transport the member to a random page on the wiki. The function does not provide much purpose, but it does allow a viewer to see different articles at random or for an editor to browse through and edit these articles.

Upload Page

The Upload page allows an editor to upload images onto the wiki from their computers.

"What Links Here"

The "What links here" link is a wiki function which allows a person to see what pages link to the page they are viewing. In the case of templates and images, they show where the templates and images are used on.

More "Special" Pages

Along with the special pages, there are also a large amount of other special pages which are listed on a page named "Special pages", the link of which can be found beneath the "Upload file" link on the "toolbox" section on the left sidebar. These pages are mainly pages in which the viewer can see different statistics of the wiki, along with modifying system languages and how the wiki is displayed.