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How to Navigate and Explore BS01

Exploring and Navigating

Here are some suggested ways of exploring the BS01 wiki: (Click on the image for a larger view)

  • Search for articles using the search form in the sidebar.
  • Follow links from article to article.
  • Go to a Random Page. Click on Random Article on the sidebar.
  • View the Recent Changes to see what is new. Click on Recent Changes on the sidebar.
  • Use your Watchlist to track pages that you want to keep tabs on. If you are logged on, click on My Watchlist at the top.
  • Find the pages that have a link to a given page: click What links here on the latter page. This works also for a page that does not exist (there may be links to it, which makes it extra useful to create it). The What links here button is also on the edit page on which one arrives when following a broken link.
  • Use the Special Pages. Click on Special Pages on the sidebar.
  • View the current Collaboration of the Week through this section. Edit along with the rest of the Wiki.
  • View the current Featured Chronicle and admire all the work gone into dedicated editing.

The location of the search box and other links described on this page only apply to the default skin.


To learn to use the "special pages", (Recent Changes, Random Page, etc.) please view the "How to Use Special Pages" tutorial.