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"Power up for an intense ice battle vs. the Skull Spiders!"
— LEGO Shop

Powered-Up Kopaka
Combiner Model
Set number 5004462
Component sets 70782
Release date January 2015
Pieces 159

This is a combiner model portraying Kopaka in a powered-up mode, using weapons belonging to Izotor.

Set Information

The model is built with parts from 70782 Protector of Ice and 70788 Kopaka – Master of Ice, using 159 pieces.

In January 2015, the two sets were bundled together and sold on the LEGO Shop as 5004462 Protector of Ice – Power Up, in addition to the base models.


Unlike most combiner models, this build does not require major disassembly of its component figures. The Protector build is left intact, though his weapons are removed to add to Kopaka's frame.

By turning the gear on Kopaka's back, his right arm will swing back and forth.

The model allows for detaching any Mask of Power or Skull Spider from Kopaka's face by pressing down on his eyestalk.

Many of the features of the two base sets are reused in this model, including a spinning Ice Saw, Elemental Ice Blaster, Ice Spear, and tribal sticker decorations.


The Mask of Ice, the Golden Mask of Ice, the dual-toned Protector Mask of Ice, and two silver Skull Spiders are part of this model.


Critical Response

The combination of sets 70788 and 70782 received a mostly positive review from BZPower. News Manager Andrew Bulthaupt commented on the ease of combining the two sets and that there was still lots of playability with the remaining parts and models. The final model was also deemed formidable, but Bulthaupt ultimately preferred the original.

Community Response

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