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This user likes Chili-cheese fries:D
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BS01 Status here and there
Usual Online Time as much as I feel like
BZP Name My account got hacked or something :(
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Age 13
Gender Male
Height ?
Nationality *private*
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Ok, about me! I'm still learning all the codes, so please forgive my page's look. I am still working on it. Also I still need a sig, which is coming soon:D. Of course, I like Bionicles, (why would I be here if I didn't)and as you can see, I like Chili-cheese fries. LOL! Also, check me out on BZpower. Also, this page took me through quite a struggle coding it, but go ahead and use the code. I don't own it, so feel free to take bits and pieces of it for your userpage. My favorite Bionicle is Gresh (plain as you can see), and I really like the Toa Metru. Matau and Nokama crack me up, with their talk about "romantic ride-drives" and all. I first started collecting bionicle around the Metru-Nui time period, but officially got into it in 2006, the Voya Nui saga. When I first saw the Piraka, I thought the name was pronounced "pirate-aka". Close, but not close enough. I then got Jaller, and then later rebuilt him into this awsome robot-droid thingymabob. And from then on, I was hooked on Bionicle. I also like BZpower even though I can't make poll.:( Anyways, fun site. Oh, and check out my friend Halt23. He basicly just joined, so forgive his page. One day, I'll help him beef it up.8D :) :D Oh, and, what's [1] this? Leave a message on my TalkPage if you do know. And do tell me the code.

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Now I can put some stuff on here. This is my user box section. So...

Pakari.png Oooooh,who lives un a pinapple under the ground...
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WoS Captive Rahaga.PNG Go to sleep Rahaga. Think of baby bunnies...

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oh noez im typing in red1 Guess my page will be red from here on. Here are my favorite quotes.

"Very deep-impressive. You will be known in legends as Reidak, defeater of doors."
Lewa Nuva


I found these here and there. So...

ARRRGH. Fenrak get me the asprin. Ouch! The chronic headaches are back!

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