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This policy will explain how spoilers will work, and what is considered a spoiler. Spoilers are information about a recently released storyline or set source, that not everybody may have access to right away. Examples can include plot information found in books, publications only released in certain regions, or images from unidentified or illegal sources, among others.

Spoilers in General

Spoilers on this wiki are denoted by a warning, placed both at the start and end of the spoiler. The coding to be used is {{spoiler|THESPOILER}}, which can be seen directly below.

This section contains spoilers and has been hidden. Click the text to show/hide it.

You were not the first Toa.

Spoilers for Newly Released Information

As a general rule, do not post spoilers about new episodes, comics, or sets until an official announcement has been made. BS01 has specific policies for such things (see the policies below) but sometimes amendments may be made to fit the circumstances at hand. If a spoiler posted violates the spoiler policy, please remove it until the go-ahead signal is given.

A countdown is usually placed on the front page and in the editing area to alert editors of which spoilers are prohibited and/or when they can be added/removed.

Spoiler Policy for Sets

Any information and images which are not officially released by LEGO (i.e. a retailer catalog instead of an official conference or press release) is strictly prohibited. If the announcement has been made by LEGO or through a recognized publication, the information is okay to post. The staff will notify the general public of dates for the posting of information coming from official sources.

Spoiler Policy for Books

Spoilers for book releases must be placed in the spoiler template for three (3) weeks after the official release date. Information obtained from copies or sections of the book obtained ahead of the official release is not to be posted unless stated otherwise.

The same policy applies for Graphic Novels released by publishers, as well as guidebooks and activity books.

Spoiler Policy for Web content

For web content provided by LEGO websites or subsites, including but not limited to: the animated shorts released online to, LEGO Club site articles, set information released to, spoilers may be added to the page immediately, but must be placed within the spoiler template for one (1) week.

Spoiler Policy for Magazines

Once information released in the LEGO Club Magazine (or other publications connected to LEGO) containing story information has been sighted, spoilers may be added, but must be kept tagged with a spoiler template for up to one (1) week after the online release date of the magazine.

Leaked Pictures

It must be emphasized once more that leaked images and videos are strictly prohibited, as it harms the brand, damages LEGO's ability to connect with its audience and can ruin the experience for their consumers. Posting leaked pictures hampers our positive ties with LEGO. If any leaked pictures are sighted, please do not upload them or the offenders will be punished. Remember, leaked pictures have no expiration date; even if similar legal images are released, any pictures previously leaked are NOT allowed.

Important Notice
If you spot leaked images on this Wiki, please report them immediately to the Staff!