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Review: 71305 Lewa Uniter of Jungle

The Toa of Air turned Toa of Jungle, is this latest incarnation of Lewa a mean, green fighting machine or just a has-been? Let's find out.

The Box

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It seems like Lego is settling into a bit of a formula with its Bionicle packaging. We've got the black hexagonal prism box with the action pose on the front, a little comic on the back, and the -- what's this? Yep, it's Lewa Nuva's symbol! There's also some other mysterious symbol. If I had to guess, I'd say the symbol represents the Elemental Creatures. See how it's got those ears at the top and teeth at the bottom.

Then again, maybe I've got it upside down. Who knows?

The Bits

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A lot more silver than I was expecting, but there are quite a few new pieces in there. The gear system has changed as well this time 'round. Rather than the movement coming from the shoulder, now it comes from the hip. It's actually reminiscent of the 2003 gear functions in the Rahkshi, Matoran, and Makuta. Whether or not that's a good thing might be up to personal preference.

There are also a lot of those Bohrok eye pieces... Are we sure Lewa is completely free of that Krana's control?

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The masks and armour are great too. You've got the Nuva symbol on the masks and then that pattern on his armour, which almost looks like something from one of the web animations.

Going off on a bit of a tangent, I think it might have been interesting to have Lego release the golden masks with the Creatures this year instead of with the Toa. I know we'd all like to have the mask packs back, but I think including it in a different set is the next best thing. It would provide incentive to collect more sets, and there is a bit of a storyline connection there. Conversely, the mask is useless without a Toa (not that that stopped them with the Lord of Skull Spiders, mind you).

But we're here to talk about Lewa, not strategic marketing proposals!

The Build

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Check him out! He really looks like a Toa of Jungle. Plus his weapons look like tonfas, giving him a more Asian feel, which isn't often seen in Bionicle. They've also manage to achieve a good balance of the green and silver.

But just wait until you plunk Uxar on him.

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Just look at him. I know a lot of the promotional images so far have been about Tahu and Ikir, but Lewa and Uxar should not be overlooked. He gets a helmet and wings that actually flap with no hindrance. Not only that, but it's really simple to attach and detach Uxar. No fuss, no muss. It just looks great.

The Brass Tacks

Should I get this set?


  Good for people who like:

*Balanced color schemes
*Patterned parts
*Showcase for the Unity feature
  Not for those looking for:

*Bigger heroes
  Other Comments:

#badlucklewa? More like... uh... -- SPIRIT

If you feel that your Bionicle collection has been lacking some sort of ninja warrior type character, then look no further than Lewa the Uniter of Jungle. Sure, he might not be one of the bigger Toa, but he's jam-packed full of style. The addition of Uxar really turns him from a fairly average set into a must-have.

And just think, a Toa who can control air who actually has real wings!

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