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Review: 71300 Uxar Creature of Jungle

It's a bird! It's a bug! No, it's a... well whatever it is, does Uxar make a worthy MacGuffin for Lewa to find or is it just another pest to exterminate? Let's find out.

The Box

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It's hard to believe that the "mini" sets in Bionicle used to come in much smaller boxes with only a few pieces. Lego proudly continues 2015's tradition of the larger mini set, and it keeps that hexagonal shape as well. The larger size also gives them room to go over some of the action features this set has. I'll get into that in a bit, but trust me, it's pretty snazzy.

The Bits

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My immediate thought when going through the pieces was the Lego UFO line from the 90s (anyone remember that?), especially with those transparent green wing pieces. For a mainstream Bionicle set, there's actually a surprising amount of System parts in it -- it might even be a record!

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Also check out Uxar's head piece. It's got this great runic aesthetic that looks like it could be straight out of Halo. Plus you've got the silver blended with transparent green. It's a nice looking piece with a lot of MOCing applications, I think.

The Build

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I think the main thing that surprised me was how big Uxar ended up when I was done building him. He's got a massive wingspan and even from head to tail just seems like a very big set. Even so, he's very well balanced and is quite posable.

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But wait! There's more! As if they needed to make this better, it also comes with a Shadow Trap. What makes this Shadow Trap unique to the others is that it has these little green vine attachments that make it look like some sort of alien crab. While there isn't any sort of automatic snapping feature, it is a sturdy little device and certainly not something I'd like to run into while deep in the jungle.

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So now you're probably thinking. "Okay, great. Huge set. Comes with a Shadow Trap. I guess that's it."


It's also got a gear function! Bionicle gear functions can often be hit and miss from my experience, but this is definitely a hit. It's smooth, simple, and easy to control. Very different from the often more spastic arm flailing gear functions we've come to know over the years.

Now you probably also know that the Creatures can attach to the Toa, but I cover that more in my review of Lewa.

The Brass Tacks

Should I get this set?

Green Check.png


  Good for people who like:

*Effective gear functions
*Vibrant coloring
*Hefty sizing
  Not for those looking for:

*Specific, identifiable animals
  Other Comments:

GIFs for everyone! -- SPIRIT

This set is just the bees knees. (Is Uxar supposed to be some sort of bee?) It's got a great look, it's massive, and its gear function is a thing of beauty. And hey, even if you don't have Lewa, I'd still recommend getting this set. What, are you going to let "the man" tell you who Uxar can and can't catch a piggyback ride with? Of course not. You're a free spirit who deserves an Uxar!

Plus Uxar also appears on Umarak's box art! Just a coincidence or foreshadowing events yet to come? Time will tell...

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