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BI Gallery

Check the Sets page. The Gallery:Building Instructions is tied to that page, so if there's not another title (eg. Toa, Rahi etc) we should use the title/label from the Sets page. Which matches with the gallery. And I've checked the archived pages of the before naming the Large sets Titans or Warriors or Vehicles or Vehicles/Creatures. Nidhiki and Krekka are under the Vahki lable no the Titans label. I don't even know the Roodaka is considered a Titan, because the label "Titans" was first used on the with Axonn and Brutaka. But in 2007 Nocturn was named as a Warrior not a titan, so rapid change. — SurelNuva (Talk) 20:45, 1 September 2017 (CET)

I'm right: Roodaka, Keetongu, and Sidorak are under the "Visorak" label.— SurelNuva (Talk) 20:50, 1 September 2017 (CET)
The collective names for large sets don't make much sense in the early years of G1. I looked into this a while back, with results documented here: Template talk:Set. Wanted you to know this was here, if it helps. --Volitak Boxor (talk) 21:02, 1 September 2017 (CET)
Well thanks for the explanation and the link to the Template talk:Set page. I don't necessarily like this method of organization being as it just doesn't really make a whole lot of sense looking at it, but since it has roots in the original classifications, I guess I'm all right with it.--Harsulin's Ghost (talk) 01:30, 2 September 2017 (CET)