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From BIONICLEsector01

"Everything is only something, compared to something else."
— ,~HarsulinsGhost

BS01 Status Copy And Pasting Lots
Usual Online Time Whenever I Have Time
BZP Name Haven't Got One
BZP Status Look Up
Online Jobs Writing Story On My Wiki
Age It's A Mystery
Gender Male
Height Hm, I Should Check That
Nationality All American Dude(US)
Character(s) Axxon/Alt Teridax/Johmak
Set(s) Axxon
Color(s) Green/Red
Food(s) Bionicle... Pizza


I guess I might as well give a little info on myself. I got into Bionicle in 06 when the first Ignition comic was released with the lego magazine January that year. I loved the series from that moment on and continue to still, considering it one of the best stories of all time. I followed the comics to the next year without realizing that there was five years of story before 06. When I found out, I went crazy getting as much of the books as I could find at the library, online, and at various discount book stores that randomly have old books on hand. I have since collected nearly every published work that has ever been made for Bionicle.

To say the least, I was devastated when Bionicle ended, sorrowfully following the half rate Hero Factory story that came after. The blow however was slightly softened when I found this website. I will openly admit that I don't really know hardly anything about wikis, (despite owning my own) but I was supper stoked to find a group dedicated to Bionicle documentation as much as I was to the series itself. Although I can't offer much by way of coding, its been great working with one of the best online communities that I've ever met. So thank you to all you great staff members and users for keeping Bionicle alive during it's darkest hours. And always with fond remembrance of Crystal Matrix, you started something that us Bionicle fans will never forget.

Although Bionicle has been through a "soft reboot," cancellation, horribly done revival, followed by an absurdly abrupt end, it has always been the community that has made Bionicle so great. All I can really say, is that its awesome to be here!