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Hello, TheRocketRacer, and welcome to the BS01 Wiki! Thank you for your contributions. We hope you like the place and decide to stay. As you can see, the BS01 Wiki is a place where you can type out all of the things you know about BIONICLE. If you don't know how to fully use the features of this Wiki, these will be some great links to look through:

We hope you enjoy editing and contributing to the biggest BIONICLE encyclopedia! Please sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your name and the date. Try to remember, the Wiki Staff monitor the articles, and articles are edited constantly, so if any of your edits are reverted, or another edit is placed, don't worry about it. If you need help, just ask the existing members and someone will show up shortly to answer your questions.

Also, in order to improve this Wiki, your feedback is very much appreciated. To provide feedback, please place it on the Member Opinion Hub. If you have any questions regarding the Wiki in general, they can be placed on the Help Desk. If you have any criticisms to make regarding the BS01 Wiki staff, they can be placed onto the Complaint Center.

(After you have read and understood everything above and the notices below, feel free to remove this template.)


Looking for a project? Check out BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance. It lists many pages that need content, rewrites, etc. Check out what needs to be done and help make the BS01 Wiki perfect!

Please do not upload any of your personal images to the Wiki. Instead, use an image hosting site like Flickr for all of your image hosting needs.

Hi there, thanks for joining BS01! Though the Helryx model is the winner, there are a few more steps to go before everything becomes "official" so that's why we've protected the page and such in the meantime. -- Dorek Talk External Image 20:45, 6 July 2020 (UTC)

Show preview

Hey, thank you for your edits! When you're editing in the future, to the extent possible, please try to place multiple changes in a single edit rather than making several small, back-to-back edits. The "Show preview" button to the right of the "Save changes" button makes this easier by letting you see the final rendered page so you can review your edit before saving it. Condensing changes into one edit makes it easier for other members to look over edits, and it also makes the recent changes list easier to read. Thanks for understanding and for contributing to the wiki! -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 01:04, 25 February 2021 (UTC)

Ok, I’ll be sure to do that. Thanks for letting me know! -- FirespitterVakama (talk) 08:10, 25 February 2021 (EST)

Thanks. To give an example, you could probably condense the last 11 edits that you made to User:FirespitterVakama/List of Disney media (3 edits in about a 5 min period, then a couple hours of break, then 8 edits in about a 30 min period) into two edits by using show preview, treating the preview like a draft, and revising based on that rather than editing over and over again. Not trying to nitpick here, but combining edits like that in the future really will make things easier for the staff and other members. Thanks again! -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 19:41, 26 February 2021 (UTC)
Hi, I'd just want to ask you, if you could try to condense your edits, so they won't clutter the Recent Changes, just like how Morris suggested before. You can edit the full page with one button, instead of editing the individual sections. You can use show preview to see, if your signs have been updated, and you can even check them with show preview each time you update one, but in the end, it would be only one edit instead of 22.--Surel (Talk) 18:52, 6 May 2021 (UTC)
Again, please remember to use the show preview button.... -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 19:29, 15 August 2021 (UTC)

Personal images

Hi! As the above welcome notice notes, you are not allowed to upload personal images, like the "click here" button, to BS01. Instead, please use dedicated image hosting sites like Flickr or imgur and embed them like this: <img>url-of-image</img>. Thanks! -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 19:36, 2 December 2021 (UTC)

  • Oh, I forgot to ask you. Can you go ahead and remove these userpages please, thanks? (this was a typo redirect) -- FirespitterVakama (talk) 04:55 PM, 2 December 2021 (EST)

Done! -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 21:38, 3 December 2021 (UTC)
Thank you! -- FirespitterVakama (talk) 06:18 PM, 3 December 2021 (EST)
Just saw your edit. Here's how you can resize external images:
<img> width="WIDTH_GOES_HERE" height="HEIGHT_GOES_HERE"</img>
(Note that's not the standard way to do it in HTML! This is weird BS01-specific syntax.) So in your case, if you write:
<img> width="160px"</img>
you'll get:
External Image
-- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 23:51, 5 December 2021 (UTC)
Thank you so much, this helps a lot! -- FirespitterVakama (talk) 07:07 PM, 5 December 2021 (EST)

Show preview (again)

Welcome back! As a reminder, please avoid making many small back-to-back edits to the same page. It seems like you made your latest edits because you kept having new ideas for small tweaks to your page, or because you changed your mind on previous changes. That's totally understandable, but it is inconsiderate to other users who read through the recent changes list. To avoid making those kinds of "I changed my mind" edits, once you think an edit is ready and you've proofread it with the show preview button, please leave the edit page open for a couple minutes before saving. After that time, read over the edit again to see if any new ideas stick out at you. If so, you can make additional changes, then repeat the process of waiting a couple minutes, etc. until you are totally satisfied with your changes. Then when you finally save, you'll have made all those changes in a single edit. That is a strategy I often use when editing. Thanks, -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 01:38, 23 December 2022 (UTC)