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RHG This user is a Knight of the RHG Table.

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BS01 Status Online
Usual Online Time As long as possible
BZP Name No Bzp account
BZP Status No Bzp account
Online Jobs Knights of the RHG Table
Age Ageless(Ha!)
Gender Male
Height Average
Nationality Brazil

I killed the Merchant of Death

I found the Lost City of Faar

I fought in the Never War

I created the Reality Bug

I drank Black Water

I swam in the Rivers of Zadaa

I played the Quillan Games

I met the Pilgrims of Rayne

I saw the Raven Rise

I am a Soldier of Halla

Featured Quotes

"What excactly is a french before it's fried?" -Vo Spader

"I'm the terrorist. Do what I say or I'll terrorize you!" -Bobby Pendragon

"Didn't you know? I'm the boogeyman." -Saint Dane

"Methods! You use genocide like some kind tool, and I'm supposed to ignore that?" -Bobby Pendragon

Knights of the RHG Table
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