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Basic Wiki-Coding Tutorial

What is Wiki Coding?

Wiki Coding is a series of common key-board characers that, when used together currectly, can produce various results on a Wiki.

How to use Tags

A Tag is an individual piece of Wiki code with its accompanying closing code. For example; To make text appear bold, the following tag is used:
'''bold text here'''
The tag used is '''. It is oped with ''', and closed with ''', and the text inbetween appears as: bold text here.

It is very much appreciated, and often neccesarry to close your tags, so as a general rule of thumb it is reccomended that you do so.

Multiple tags can be applied to the same text at once. For example, to use italics the following tag is used:
''italic text here''
And if you wanted to make a piece of text italic and bold, the tags ''' and '' can be combined like so:
'''''bold and italic text here'''''
To produce bold and italic text here.
The above are the most simple pieces of Wiki Code tags, and very commonly used. Other types of tags (covered later) which use <> such as <nowiki> must be closed by adding a slash, like so:
When using multiple tags, it is very important that you open and close your tags in the inverted order that you added them. For example:

Wiki Code Index

Below is a list of Wiki Code and its result:

'' italic text
''' bold text
<nowiki> null coding effects
: indent
---- horizontal line
[[BIONICLEsector01:Help/Wiki-Coding 1]] internal link
[[BIONICLEsector01:Help/Wiki-Coding 1|learn Wiki Code!]] piped link. Appears as alternate text.
[] outer-BS01 link
[ piped] piped outer-BS01 link
{{template}} use a template
{{template|specification}} template variations
{{{1}}} create template specifications
<pre> Wiki Code null box
<code> Wiki Code null text
==Header== header
===Sub-header=== sub-header

Further Assistance

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