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This is a fairly simple Policy over Custom Awards and Custom Achievements. These rules were worked on by the GMs and Swert, to better regulate their creation and usage.


Basically, an award is something you may give to a user if they are doing an exceptional job. This may be in the form of a template, a code you post on their user page, or even just an image you can hand out. Your award should not, however, be an Achievement (See below) or related to one, excepting the Award Winner Achievement.

Awards can be awarded for any reason, excepting the Official Awards, which have specific rules for giving them away. Also keep in mind, BS01 does run periodic contests to officialize awards, depending on their usefulness and the vote of the general public. You can look for a list of the Official Awards.

Rules and Policy

  1. Custom Awards ARE permitted.
  2. Limit 3 Custom per user. This is due to the major amount of users making numerous unused awards, with no intent of actually awarding them. This rule is flexible on staff, but generally requested. Keep in mind Achievements do not count towards this count.
  3. Please do not give out Official Awards to users. This is mostly because this is the job of the staff. If you wish to give a user an award, you may give them one of your own. The only exception is when the awards specify otherwise. (i.e Random Act of Kindness Award.)
  4. Achievements are not awards. As such, you are allowed to make the Achievements as listed below.
  5. "Owned" Templates are not awards. However, we do ask you limit to one Owned template, and not use it often.
  6. No Pointless Awards. Awards with no relevance to what a user has done are not permitted. (i.e an award for saving the BIONICLE universe from Teridax or whatnot)


Let me go ahead and explain what "Achievements" are. They are a kind of award, though NOT an award, that most current generation gaming systems (XBox 360, PS3 (as Trophies) and PC via Games for Windows or Steam) have specific tasks you must perform or achieve in order to earn an Achievement (Trophy). BS01 has this similar system, which you the users may use. However, they can ONLY be earned once. There -are- very rare cases where a custom one may be given away more than once, but that's usually only the "Swert Approved" award if the approval merited the second approval.

I ask that if you like the Achievements system, you use it and perhaps even can notify staff of your own progress if you feel you earned one. First Generation Achievements are listed below, and be on the lookout for Second Generation.

Rules and Policy

  1. Custom Achievements ARE permitted. But please do not make them random and/or just for the sake of giving them out to people.
  2. Limit 3 Custom Achievements per user. Please make them non-progress bar, as once added you would have no control over the progress. In addition, do not create pointless achievements (i.e An achievement for eating cheese a certain number of times).
  3. Do not give out Official Achievements to users. This is the staff's job, and in terms of progress bar, staff can update a user's page and template.
  4. Awards are not Achievements. We say this because you might believe they are the same thing, when they aren't.
  5. Please respect the other users who have earned Achievements. We created them for a reason, to reward users for being helpful editors and to keep them amused and active. If you abuse it, we will remove them for good.
  6. Achievements can only be given to a user ONCE. This is to better differ them from Awards.
  7. As of September 10th, 2008, nobody has earned any of these Achievements. As such, if you were a Coding Guru before this day, you -must- earn the Achievement again. Any Achievements given today are fair and have been earned. The exception is Major Contributor.
  8. Achievements are not permanent. What we mean is, you earned them only if you haven't screwed up. If you go around adjusting achievements to "better suit yourself" or to "get the full Achievement so I can say I did," you will be stripped of it.

This isn't a policy, but if you wish to award a personal achievement, and you can't pick an image, you can use the default:

First Generation Achievements

The following is a list of all the Achievements staff are allowed to give, in order to give you an idea of what is available. The list will expand over time.

Kanohi Collector Achievement.PNG

Kanohi Collector
Collect all 1st Generation Achievements.

Coding Guru Achievement.PNG

Coding Guru
Design an outstanding template or section.

Literary Excellence Achievement.png

Literary Excellence
Consistently edit utilizing high-quality grammar and a professional writing style.

Major Contributor Achievement.PNG

Major Contributor
Make 1000 major edits.
0% Completed

Award Winner Achievement.PNG

Award Winner
Earn 5 BS01 Approved Awards.
0% Completed

Second Generation Achievements

These were created by members in the Entertainment Hub's Achievements Contest. Congratulations to the winners! More achievements may be added to this collection at a later time.

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Image Hunter
Upload or correct 50 images.

(By Spawn of Teridax)

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Make 1000 minor edits.
0% Completed

(By Toa Nidhiki05: Toa of Air)

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The Trust Award
Awarded for being a trustworthy editor.

(By Kingnocturnignika)


These were achievements available under Maintenance.

Repairman (x{{{2}}}) Improve or help to improve a page in a Maintenance Category for BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance.

BS01-M MC Achievement.gif

Repairman (x#)
Improve or help to improve a page in a Maintenance Category for BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance.

Renovator (x{{{2}}}) Improve or help to improve the current Featured Project for BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance.

BS01-M FP Achievement.gif

Renovator (x#)
Improve or help to improve the current Featured Project for BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance.

Handyman (x{{{2}}}) Complete or help to complete a Miscellaneous Task for BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance.

BS01-M MT Achievement.gif

Handyman (x#)
Complete or help to complete a Miscellaneous Task for BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance.

Podcast Achievement

As part of the BS01 Podcast, you can get an exclusive achievement for contributing to the show, either by leaving a comment or leaving a Q&A question. For more on how to contribute to the BS01 Podcast, check out the podcast page. You will get a point each time you leave a comment or question and it is read on the show.

Podcast Contributor (x{{{1}}}) Make {{{1}}} comments read on the BS01 Podcast.

Podcast achievement.png

Contribute to the BS01 Podcast.

Specific Rules for this Achievement: To avoid confusion, we will only add a point each time the comment or question is read on the show, not when you first leave it. This achievement is currently not retroactive, so any comment or question read on Episode 20 or earlier does not count. Any comment or question left on future shows does count however. Please ask either Kraahlix or Bionicleman to give you a point for the achievement.