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1) Service Templates are to be placed on talk pages, not main pages. Service templates are templates designed to make the editor aware of any problems with the given page and encourage him to edit it in order to fix the problem to improve the overall quality of the Wiki, and include "NeedImg," "NeedPron," and so on. However, it was never intended that there be more space on a page taken up by the templates than by the actual content. More than one or two of these on an article at a time can be annoying and distracting, and makes the page look bad. So from now on, all service templates with the exception of Stub are required to be put on the article's talk page. The reason the stub template is being exempted from this rule is because it is the most important service template, and should be seen before any of the others. If you wish to see what, if anything, needs to be done to an article, check the main article; if there is no stub template on it, look on its talk page and go from there. If the article has no talk page, then there must be nothing wrong with it. Of course, you are still free to edit the article regardless, provided your edits to it are constructive.

2) Character Templates are to be used on character articles only, not user pages. They were not designed for use on user pages, and often have categories automatically placed on the pages they're put on. This has and can lead to confusion about what is a real Toa/Matoran/Rahi/etc., and what is a fan-made, since many fan-made pages were being including in actual character categories. You are allowed to copy the coding directly from the templates and use them on your page (On the template's page, click "Carve" or "Activate Akaku," and copy then right click, select all, and then copy the coding. When you paste the coding onto your page, you can remove the <includeonly> tags and all that is in between them, for they have no effect on a template when just using the coding. This is not required, though.), but you cannot use the standard character template set-up on your page. So please, don't use the actual templates in places they weren't meant to be put. Everyone found to have violated this rule will receive a staff warning.

Templates that CAN be used on user pages: