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Please follow these terms while uploading:

  1. ONLY BIONICLE related images. Do not upload personal images like your cat, your "expensive" sofa, etc.
  2. No direct linking. For more information, read the bottom section of this policy.
  3. Absolutely NO personal pictures. Please use Majhost or other image hosting sites for uploading personal pictures.
  4. No fan-made MOCs. Only MOCs that have been accepted into the BIONICLE storyline may be uploaded, e.g. Krakua.
  5. No pornography or sexual innuendos. This should be simple logic, but it will be stated anyways. Nothing sexual AT ALL.
  6. No images to be used as an example. If you wish to show something in an image, or ask if an image can be used on the site, host it elsewhere and link to it so it can be looked at. Do not upload it.
  7. No images meant for your signature. - The only pictures permitted to be included in signatures are those hosted on an image hosting site, not linked to from BS01. In addition, they must not be overly large, distracting, or contain audio tracks.

Image Use on Articles: Templates/Gallery

Below are the order in which images should be used:

  1. Comics
  2. CGI/Animation
  3. Sets
  4. Flash
  5. Movies
  6. Games
  7. Concept Art

Comic images most commonly feature important characters, locations and objects, thus they are given prevalence above all other. CGI images, whether derived from static art pieces or captured from animations, are heavy in detail and artistry, and thus receive second billing (The Legend Reborn is counted as CGI). Set images are given third precedence because while they are detailed, their context usually places them outside of actual storyline. Flash images are lacking in detail, and Movie images only appear in four out of ten story years, limiting its opportunity for use. Game and concept art images are included last because their subject matter is often artistically interpreted differently than that of their fully-canon counterparts. When sorting in Galleries, please follow this format for more organized reference.

The only exceptions to this rule are the Locations pages and the Kanohi pages. In these cases, the order is the following:

  1. Sets (Kanohi only)
  2. Movie
  3. Comics/CGI
  4. Flash

Set images of a Location should not be used, but do take precedence for Kanohi. When available, set images should be the only ones used on the main templates.

Image Quality and Naming Tips

When uploading, please use the best quality of that file. This does not mean "Movie is best, so use Movie all over the place!" but rather to say, "If the highest image category on the list is the least great quality, look at the next one down. If none of them match the quality of Movie, use Movie."

A high-quality image can be achieved by tracing an image back to its source and either taking a screenshot of it or saving directly in a lossless file format. It must also be in the correct file format; 90% of the time, a file should be uploaded in the PNG format. However, if you have access to software that can make lossless JPG's, that is also acceptable.

An image should be cropped to reflect the focal point of the image. A border 1 to 2 pixels in width is appropriate for most images.

Try to give an image as detailed a name as possible, within reason. This makes it easier for others who may want to upload the same image to check if it has already been uploaded. Visit the Gallery of new files and type in a keyword in the search field. A search for "Tahu" yields all images with Tahu in the image title, and consequently, all images depicting or related to Tahu. Another helpful tip in naming an image is including the type of source the image is derived from. For example, an image from the comics should include the word "Comic" in the image name, preferably at the beginning.

Personal Images

  1. No religious content. Just as BIONICLE doesn't involve religion, neither do we. So do not use a picture of a cross or the Star of David, etc.
  2. Nothing that discriminates against a certain race, gender, nationality, etc. It simply will not be tolerated on this Wiki.
  3. No pornography or sexual innuendos. Once again, nothing sexual AT ALL.
  4. BZPower year images. The yearly BZPower spinning masks are not allowed to be used on this site, unless you have earned them on BZPower. This is done out of respect for BZP and its members who have earned the ranks. If members who have not earned them can't use them on BZP, then the same should go here.

Direct Linking

When an image from another website is used, it is being hosted somewhere else on the Internet. The owners of the site that it is hosted on must pay for the use of bandwidth. Direct Linking happens when you use an image hosted on another website, and using it without consent is stealing bandwidth and money. We do not allow Direct Linking on this Wiki, and it will be removed.

However, there are image hosting sites like and Brickshelf, where you may host your images for use elsewhere on the Internet for free.

If you Direct Link from your own website, that's okay, because it is coming from yourself. Note: Such images are only to be used on your own pages! For mainspace pages, please upload the picture or use an existing one on the Wiki, as it is easier to use them.

Bottom line is, if the image is on a website you do not own or have permission to directly link to (like Brickshelf or Majhost), you may not do so.