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Below are the rules and guidelines on posting videos.

  1. LEGO-related YouTube videos ONLY. In other words, no videos on subjects outside the theme of LEGO or BIONICLE. Note that these have to be LEGAL LEGO/BIONICLE videos. We cannot stress this enough.
  2. No pornographic or sexual related videos. Simple logic. No sexual content or pornography allowed.
  3. No commenting on videos. This rule applies to user talkpages or simply any other page. The last thing the Wiki staff requires are giant spam wars over which video is the best and which video is the worst.
  4. No videos in signatures. Keep your signature simple. There is no need to put a video in it, as it serves no purpose and takes up space.

Following these rules will allow the Wiki to run swift and smoothly. Should any of the rules be violated, the members will receive the normal warnings and ban procedures.