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Redirects are pages created to assist in the searching of pages. When you create a redirect, use this formula:


However, a redirect is not always necessary. Here is a set of guidelines of when and when not to create redirects. The staff reserve the right to delete a redirect they deem unnecessary.

1) A redirect should not be:

1.1) Pointless. For instance, making a mainspace page solely to redirect to your own userpage is unnecessary.
1.2) An existing page with different capitalization. All pages are non-case sensitive. This means if you search for "metru nui," you will be automatically redirected to "Metru Nui". There is no need to make a redirect in such cases.
1.3) Alternative spelling of an existing page. The only exception is when that spelling is used frequently. For instance, on HS01, "Vapour" will redirect to "Vapor", as "Vapour" is used on the set itself, though the officially designated name is "Vapor".

2) However, a redirect could be:

2.1) A "filler" name forwarding to the official name. For example, "Makuta Nui" redirects to "Teridax".
2.2) Individual names linking to a combined page. For example, "Chutespeak" and "Treespeak" both redirect to "Chutespeak/Treespeak".
2.3) Aliases or former names. For example, "Jala" redirects to "Jaller".


In order to avoid cluttering up pages with multiple links to the same page, only one link to any page may be present per page.

An exception to this rule are templates, which may link to pages linked to elsewhere on the same page. These generally include, but are not limited to, infobox and navigation templates.