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In addition to the rules stated below, please keep in mind the BS01 General Policy as well as the various other policies when using the Community Chatroom.

1) Keep all discussion respectful: this means no trolling, flaming, or foul language.

1.5) As an aid to this, please restrict yourself from discussion of such controversial topics such as various religious or political idealogies.

2) Keep discussion appropriate: BS01 is a child-friendly site. 'Nuff said.

2.5) If you see something inappropriate in the Chatroom, either in the public chat or as a private message, please inform the staff.

3) Absolutely no pornographic or sexually suggestive discussion or links will be tolerated. Considering #2, this should be obvious.

4) While the Chatroom is only visible to logged in, registered users of BS01, please keep the Privacy Policy in mind. Anyone can see the Chat Log, so please do not share personally identifying information through the public chat, and be cautious about doing so using the Private Messaging feature.

5) Please refrain from discussing or sharing material that has not yet been officially released by LEGO, either in regard to the sets or the story of BIONICLE or other themes.

6) There are a variety of other messaging services such as Skype or AIM: if you do not feel that the discussion developing between yourself and another member is appropriate for the BS01 Chatroom, please move it to one of those other services.

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